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Research Triangle Park Case Study
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Research Triangle Park

Telling the Digital Story of a Research Community

North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park is home to more than 200 technology companies employing more than 50,000 experts in micro-electronics, telecommunications, biotechnology, big data, and environmental sciences. Led by a board of directors drawn from top companies and universities, the RTP has been an epicenter of research for more than 50 years.

To keep this story moving forward, the RTP needed a digital presence reflecting the ingenuity, collaboration, and vision that defined the organization. This meant updating the text-driven legacy site into a dynamic, mobile-optimized online experience. Atlantic BT brought this digital vision to life.

The Challenge

As one of the world’s top business organizations, the Research Triangle Park needed a new vision for its homepage. The existing lacked social media engagement, was not optimized for mobile, and did not reflect the community of the RTP.

The Strategy

Atlantic BT transformed the RTP legacy site into a socially-engaged experience. The new relies on images and interactivity to facilitate user exploration and sharing of RTP content.

The Results

The new integrated the culture and vision of the Research Triangle Park into the new site. This reimagined digital presence drew in nearly 178,000 new users and reached more than 22,000 followers on Twitter.

By the Numbers


New users


Twitter followers


Unique page views

Research-Driven Design

After extensive analysis, research, and interviews with RTP leaders, we designed an intuitive site that facilitated navigation with menu drawers and interactive maps.

Visual Storytelling

Rich innovation demands more than a text-heavy website. Using tiled images of research and collaboration, we presented a visual story to show how RTP leads a community of collaboration.

Mobile Optimization

To engage university students and young professionals on the move, we created a mobile- and socially-optimized design for

Multi-Tiered Menu

To streamline site navigation at, we designed a web interface that relied on a dynamic menu. This always-on menu used mouseover capabilities to make it simple for visitors to quickly find the information they needed.

Social Content API

We built a social content API to allow visitors to to share images, videos, and articles. Users are now encouraged to contribute to the RTP story on social channels.

Digital Style Guide

To equip the RTP leadership for future updates, we created content management tools that made it easy to post and share new content assets.

The Difference Between an Agenda and an Experience

Atlantic BT's redesign of RTP's site swapped out descriptions for visuals, allowing a myriad of thoughts to become a complete and coherent vision. Users are no longer invited to join the community. They are immediately included.
RTP After
before after

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