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North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association

Law enforcement .NET portal development.

The Sheriff is one of the oldest, most important and most respected offices in our nation’s system of law and justice. Their main mission is to safeguard the lives of the people they serve. Inefficient processes and databases can become barriers towards achieving that mission. The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association sought Atlantic BT as a partner to help build a more efficient technology strategy.

At a glance.


The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) is a non-profit organization whose members work together to strengthen the professional law enforcement services their offices provide to the people of North Carolina. In the State of North Carolina, there are 100 sheriffs who serve as Constitutional Officers elected by the people of their counties. The NCSA provides a number of services and programs to assist these sheriffs and their personnel in carrying out their duties.


The ask.

With multiple technology solutions having been cobbled together over the years, the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association was losing efficiency, reliability, and control over key business processes. NCSA sought out a technology partner to make recommendations for the strategic management of hardware, software, and web services going forward.

The solution.

Atlantic BT’s partnership with NCSA began in a consulting capacity. We provided a technology assessment of the NCSA’s current computer and electronic hardware and software environment. We identified 28 distinct recommendations for process improvement, ranging from technology to organizational structure to vendor management. Together with the NCSA we developed a strategy to improve one major area of NCSA’s systems, the management of jail space. 

The end result.

We used a .NET API and Angular to build a modernized and redesigned web portal for the NCSA. It includes a tracking system for all of the sheriff jails in North Carolina. Through this portal, the Sheriff offices are able to keep track of prisoners, their transfers, invoicing and payments, bed requests, credit for the prisoner work program, and more.