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Enhancing imaging tech with React and AWS solutions

Ramona Optics

Ramona Optics specializes in the development of advanced microscopes that enhance imaging capabilities for research and development across various fields. Their technology is designed to offer high-throughput imaging solutions, which are pivotal in accelerating scientific discovery and innovation. The company’s products aim to provide comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective imaging options that support a broad range of applications, from biological research to material science.

Project Type



JavaScript, AWS



For Ramona Optics, we handled discovery, design, and development for a React site that incorporated an OpenSeadragon application. To streamline their scientific image management, we also created AWS-based scripts for automated processing and user provisioning, ensuring efficient and reliable workflows.

We harnessed AWS services to build an image viewer application using OpenSeadragon, providing a robust platform for seamless image exploration. This solution combined the scalability of AWS with OpenSeadragon’s advanced zooming capabilities, delivering a powerful and efficient viewing experience.