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Microsoft .NET Custom Development

Smart architecture, engineering and best practices available on-demand

If you need to augment your existing team with top talent or need a .NET application developed from start to finish, we can help. We’re exports in modern .NET and Umbraco, and we’ve been building Microsoft solutions for over 25 years, dating back to VB and classic ASP. As development has changed, we’ve stayed ahead of the curve by embracing quality and efficiency standards that help our customers maximize their technology investments.

Let’s talk .NET

Choosing a .NET development partner is no different from traditional hiring. It’s hard to identify a rock star just reading resumes. Our advice is, when hiring a true partner, culture is the surest test of long-term success. We are a team of smart, experienced engineers who understand users and organizational goals, not just the code. From the first conversation, you’ll see how “we get it” and can add energy and experience to your immediate needs or long-term vision.

ABT was a fantastic partner to work with. They were curious, meticulous, and agile throughout our entire product discovery process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the ABT team to anyone looking for support on UX research, design, and application architecture.

ANDY CHAN Track Record Health

Our custom .NET websites in action

American Board of Dermatology

Health industry .NET portal software development

Atlantic BT began their partnership with the American Board of Dermatology by rebuilding a legacy application using .NET Framework, setting the application up with the perfect foundation for many years of seamless platform upgrades.
North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association

Law enforcement .NET portal development

Atlantic BT helped NC Sheriffs’ Association redevelop a .NET portal and improved the initial processes for jail space management. What started as a consulting project, turned into a long term website maintenance partnership.
North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association

Law enforcement .NET portal development

.NET websites were developed by ABT for WBAL, featuring security upgrades and managed services spanning a decade.

Want to see examples of all our work?

Our Team of Experts

Our team is your powerhouse of expertise, ready to support and elevate your website, whether through a complete overhaul or targeted enhancements. Beyond our professional excellence, we value a harmonious balance between work and creativity. Visit our About Us page to meet the team. You’ll get a glimpse of our vibrant team culture through AI-generated profile pictures that showcase our ABTers in various imaginative avatars. It’s a fun peek into how we blend generative AI technology with our passion for innovative web design.

.NET Development Services

In the realm of digital development, the .NET framework stands out as a robust platform tailored for crafting cutting-edge web applications. It offers you a powerful foundation to build responsive, secure, and scalable web solutions that cater to your unique requirements. With .NET, you can leverage the latest in web technology to create applications that not only meet but exceed your expectations, driving engagement and facilitating growth.

Why .NET is Ideal for Your Web Projects

.NET offers a range of advantages that make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to develop or upgrade their web presence.

Here’s how choosing .NET for your web projects can benefit your business: 

Universally Accessible Web Applications

.NET’s cross-platform capabilities ensure that your web applications deliver a consistent and high-quality user experience across all devices and browsers. This universal accessibility is crucial for reaching a wider audience and ensuring that every user interaction is seamless, regardless of the platform used.

Enhanced Performance and Speed

Web applications developed with .NET are known for their speed and efficiency. The framework’s optimization features, like JIT compilation and advanced garbage collection, ensure that your web solutions are fast and responsive. This leads to improved user satisfaction and engagement, as well as the ability to handle high volumes of traffic without compromising performance.

Robust Security for Your Data

Security is a paramount concern for any online business. .NET provides a secure framework for developing web applications, with built-in features designed to protect against online threats and vulnerabilities. This robust security helps safeguard your business data and builds trust with your users, a critical factor in today’s digital landscape.

Scalability for Growing Businesses

The .NET framework is designed with scalability in mind, allowing your web applications to grow with your business. Whether you’re expanding your user base, adding new services, or scaling up operations, .NET web applications can be easily adjusted to accommodate this growth, ensuring that your digital infrastructure evolves in tandem with your business needs.

Not sure where your project fits in?

Custom .NET Web Solutions

Atlantic BT crafts custom .NET web solutions tailored to the specific goals and challenges of your business. Our bespoke approach ensures that your web application is not just a tool, but a strategic asset that drives business growth and enhances your digital presence.

Umbraco CMS Development with .NET

In addition to custom web solutions, Atlantic BT excels in developing and implementing Umbraco CMS platforms, powered by .NET. Umbraco, a flexible and user-friendly content management system, is an ideal choice for businesses looking to manage their digital content with ease and efficiency. Leveraging the power of .NET, our Umbraco CMS solutions offer unparalleled customization and scalability, enabling your business to deliver compelling, content-rich experiences that engage users and enhance your online presence. With Umbraco, you gain the ability to easily update and maintain your website, ensuring it remains dynamic, relevant, and aligned with your evolving business goals.

Streamlining Business Processes

Migrating to .NET or upgrading your existing web applications with our .NET migration services can streamline your business processes, making them more efficient and responsive to market changes. This strategic enhancement positions your business for future growth and success.

Ecommerce Solutions with .NET

With .NET, we can develop dynamic eCommerce platforms that are secure, scalable, and rich in features. Our customized eCommerce solutions are designed to boost your online sales and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Enterprise-Level Web Applications

Our expertise in developing enterprise-level .NET web applications means your large-scale projects are in capable hands. We focus on creating robust, scalable solutions that support complex business operations and high traffic volumes, ensuring your enterprise runs smoothly online.

Our other platforms

Atlantic BT is an expert in many different platforms. Check out all of our areas of expertise.