The Challenge

  • Legacy website that was difficult to navigate
  • Need to differentiate new flagship products
  • Low brand awareness in supply chain industry

The Solution

  • Redesigned website with engaging content
  • Clearer navigation and information architecture
  • Research and assessment of site structure and content
  • Seamless transition to WordPress

The Results

International Marcom Award
Improved UX
Performance Score Gains

Ready for a Redesign

Training Industry was full to the brim with valuable information to share with clients and employees alike. As the company continued to grow, their site began to buckle under the weight of their content. It could no longer keep up with everything that Training Industry had to offer and there was no clear path to the natural next step; an upgraded website. Without the upgrade, the site could fall victim to security issues, require more work for general maintenance, and continue to incur large amounts of technical debt. In order to avoid these impending issues, Training Industry acted on the fact that their site had reached a natural time for a redesign by reaching out to Atlantic BT.

New Platforms Support Reorganized Content for Larger Audiences

Despite the need for an upgrade, there was a foundation of work that Training Industry had established and wished to maintain. The real challenge was keeping that collection of content in tact while restructuring the site. A thorough examination of the original site platform, as well as an assessment of what needed to stay and what needed to go, was the kick off point. The result was a complete rebuilding of the site, creating a new look and feel that captured the spirit of Training Industry.

A transfer to WordPress helped make the site more accessible not just to consumers but to admins as well, allowing them to organize and share content more efficiently. This, in turn, helped users to quickly find what they needed. The new site was also designed to be mobile friendly, which is vital for consumer outreach. As mobile web usage continues to increase, Training Industry was able to demonstrate their ability to keep up to speed with the evolving technological habits of consumers. Embracing progress while proudly maintaining the legacy it was built on made Training Industry’s site ideal for the present and beyond.

Quality Design Creates Award Winning Results

Go for the High Score


Training Industry’s new website received a Gold Medal from the International Marcom Awards, who honor excellence and outstanding achievement in marketing and communications.  A respectful, creative, and engaging team dynamic allowed Training Industry and Atlantic BT to successfully build a new site that set a standard for future projects. Every member of the team worked together to reach their shared goal. Effective communication and mutual trust and support led to the creation of one of the most complex and customized WordPress sites that Atlantic BT has built thus far.

Townsley Minton

“Training Industry has been a long time partner of Atlantic BT, creating an ongoing rhythm that allowed the teams to work well together. They were ready for something new, a website that displayed who they really were; a company that knows what it is doing. We were on the same page and the project allowed the Atlantic BT team to stretch our creative muscles. It’s a project we’re all proud of.”

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Preserving a legacy while embracing progress establishes strong leaders for today. We know that every part of your story matters and we’re proud to help you tell it.

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