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LifeSafer Ignition Interlock

Alcohol monitoring technology WordPress website improvement.

LifeSafer helped launch the ignition interlock technology industry in 1991 and a year later was the first ignition interlock company to meet the National Highway Traffic Safety Association standards. They’ve helped over 1.5 million drivers get back on the road safely and quickly, and needed their website’s user experience to match the same ease of use as their product.

At a glance.

LifeSafer Ignition Interlock

LifeSafer Ignition Interlock is the nation’s leading provider of ignition interlock devices (IIDs). An IID prevents a vehicle from starting if the operator has an unacceptable amount of alcohol in their system. In 2021, LifeSafer merged with SCRAM Systems, whose founders have been researching and working in the field of transdermal alcohol testing since 1989. Together they offer the most complete set of offender monitoring technologies on the market.

The ask.

LifeSafer’s website is vital to the company’s bottom line. It is how customers find LifeSafer installation locations and schedule appointments to purchase their products / services. When users were having trouble locating their nearest LifeSafer location, they knew they had to simplify the website’s user experience or risk losing vital revenue. Improvements to the mobile experience were prioritized as 80% of their users are visiting the site from their cell phones.

The solution.

As with most of our projects, Atlantic BT began an extensive Discovery Process to uncover LifeSafer’s needs and develop the best strategy. We conducted stakeholder interviews to understand business requirements and mobile usability testing to reveal customer pain points. With this data, we then overhauled the menu structure and updated several templates with more accessible color options. We implemented additional Gutenberg blocks to improve the location finder experience. 

The end result.

The “Find a Location” page of LifeSafer’s website now offers a more simplified solution for customers to find their closest installation location. The improved UX strategy means less frustration for new users, thus creating more conversions and products sold. LifeSafer’s quality promise entails taking “ownership of the total customer experience, providing accurate, timely and reliable services, enabling our customers to successfully complete their programs.” We’re proud to be the partner of choice to help LifeSafer fully deliver on that promise.