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Custom web application startup in the drug discount card market

TrackRecord Health

Preview of work for ScriptScouts application

TrackRecord Health is an innovative startup emerging in the Drug Discount Card Market, an industry expected to reach $28.88 Billion by 2031. Accessible and affordable access to prescription drugs provides a critical means of survival, particularly for individuals facing financial constraint. In a landscape filled with numerous services offering discounts globally, TrackRecord Health has crafted a unique value proposition for their startup. Leveraging Atlantic BT’s proven expertise in developing customized web applications, TrackRecord Health found an ideal partner for the Discovery and Design phases of their custom web application, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns seamlessly with their unique needs.

Project Type

Application, Branding





Client Testimonial

Track Record Health noticed that people were overpaying for their crucial medications. Although prescription discount services were available, getting the best prices required time-consuming searching on six or seven different websites to find the best prices. In response to this challenge, Track Record Health planned on creating an innovative solution – the ScriptScouts app. This app aimed to streamline the process by efficiently searching various prescription discount services, providing users with the best overall prices for multiple medications simultaneously.

Atlantic BT began a full Discovery and Design process to flesh out the features and functionality of the ScriptScouts custom web application. We started with user research, personas and user flows to guarantee an optimal user experience. Next, we delved into researching data gathering approaches, API specs, crafting business logic pseudo code, and planning the application’s architecture and hosting.  We proposed a technical architecture for a Python Serverless API,  leveraging a variety of tools including Selenium, AWS Step Functions, and OpenAI. Design

With all of our research and strategy planning in mind, we created wireflows to show each step by step process within the application. We then proceeded to brand and mock up all pages within the app, starting with a concept board to define the look and feel.

TrackRecord Health was already an innovative pioneer. Partnered with Atlantic BT, TrackRecord Health received a comprehensive plan for realizing their vision – ScripScouts. Now they are equipped with researched-backed user experience, technical knowledge, and creative design direction to make their custom application vision a reality.