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From startup to enterprise, we deliver mission-critical technology and solutions. We build powerful experiences that drive organizations to achieve their goals.
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How we do it

Executing and managing ideas at the speed of thought.


Ideating and planning pays dividends.

We help answer important business questions so you can move your ideas from viable to valuable.

Due diligence requires identifying the right problems to solve and devising the best solution to solve them. In a highly competitive market, you need to make sure you aim before taking your best shot.


Turn your ideas into reality and make an impact.

Our services are built to deliver extreme value to your organization as quickly as possible with proven, quality results.

Our Design, DevOps, and QA practices ensure the production process is fast and efficient. From building a functioning MVP to expanding existing solutions, we have the team and process to get you to your end goal.


Maintain your edge; be proactive with continuous improvement.

The complexities of a modern IT environment can quickly become hard to maintain, secure, and scale. We understand what it takes to keep IT investments performing.

We can optimize your applications and environments, optimize them to your needs, and make them a simple operational expense with support and monitoring that is always available.

Technology Stack

Versatile skill sets drive flexibility.

Our team is flexible to work in a range of technologies that fit your business requirements. Core expertise include JavaScript, PHP, and .NET.

Case Studies

Achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Our Work. Explore our collection of projects where we've helped organizations grow and embrace innovation.

Sometimes I feel like you guys are my arms and legs.
We simply couldn’t function without you. Tom and Chris have been killing it for us. Thanks a ton for the efforts guys!!”

Lou Tufillaro IV Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Conduent

Atlantic BT's Insights

We're sharing the latest concepts in tech, design, and software development. Learn more about our findings.

Questions & Answers

How can I improve the performance of my application?
There are several primary reasons that applications perform poorly, and in some cases it’s a combination of several. 1) Data latency: If your application is making calls to a data source (whether it’s an API or a direct call) and there is latency at the data provider, your application performance will suffer.
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How do I evaluate a managed application service provider?
The first step in evaluation is to figure out what you need. Do you just need someone to manage the cloud or hosting environment, or do you need them to manage and support the application code and the hosting environment?
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How do I know when it’s time to modernize or rewrite my application?
No matter how well-written your application is, you will need to refactor and clean up the technical debt over time, especially when the proper maintenance and updates have been lacking.
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Where should my application be hosted?
There are many different options for hosting, but most applications would do well with one of the cloud providers -- Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure.
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Can I migrate from my custom application to a SaaS offering?
This can’t be definitively answered in a short Q&A but it’s absolutely possible with the right migration plan.
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Are there any drawbacks to cloud hosting?
Yes, there will always be some risks associated with any hosting option. You are relying on the resiliency and engineering of infrastructure that has scaled at an astounding rate.
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Should I hire development resources or outsource application development?
Ask yourself a few simple questions. Do you know how to hire and manage a team of developers? Do you know how to setup development environments? Do you want to become a software development manager?
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How do I avoid digital strategy pitfalls?
Like any strategy, there are more ways to find pitfalls than success. The first step in planning is to clearly articulate the overall strategy in a way that is easy to understand at all levels of the organization. 
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How do I start an eCommerce business?
The most important thing to consider is your competitive advantage over others that may compete for the same type of eCommerce store. Low barriers to entry is both a pro and con to eCommerce.
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How much does a digital strategy cost?
Here is a short answer: Digital strategy can be created internally or externally (with the help of outside partners). Internally, depending on how big your organization is and how transformative your strategy is, the costs could vary greatly.
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