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General Aviation Modifications Inc.

Customized eCommerce platform for aviation company.

Companies like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Squarespace have made it easy and cost-effective for even the smallest of organizations to offer their products online. But when you’re an aviation manufacturer operating in a highly regulated industry, there aren’t any ecommerce options that fit. Our prior experience developing customized ecommerce solutions to fit our clients’ needs, as well as the numerous successful projects we’ve launched with other highly regulated industries similar to the FAA, made Atlantic BT the perfect partner for General Aviation Modifications, Inc. (GAMI).

At a glance.


General Aviation Modifications, Inc. is an aviation fuel injector manufacturer and service provider. Since 1993 GAMI developed and certified specifications for precision fuel injectors for over 300 different engine models. With GAMIjectors, pilots and mechanics of internal combustion engines saw their cylinders return to optimal performance.

G100UL Avgas STC Application


The ask.

Throughout most of the US, leaded gas has become a thing of the past. Except in the aviation industry. Until now that is, thanks to GAMI. They developed the first ever high-octane unleaded AvGas approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)! For pilots to use GAMI’s unleaded AvGas, the FAA requires them to display fuel permission placards and maintain STC documentation. GAMI wanted the process for obtaining this regulatory documentation to be as easy as possible for their customers. Current market ecommerce solutions would not work for GAMI’s product. They needed a custom built web portal for pilots to register, purchase and collect the required documentation. 

The solution.

Through stakeholder interviews, we began by identifying the application requirements and regulatory constraints. We created user workflows to visualize the user journey from sign up to checkout. We created a prototype and conducted Usability Testing to determine any potential frustrations and problems with the application prior to development. We integrated Laravel APIs that were developed on AWS Lambda for serverless computing. To accomplish digital generation of the STC documents, we installed PDFTK and saved the files on AWS S3 for a simple and cost-effective transmittal. We used NextJS and Material UI for faster development and consistency in design.

The end result.

GAMI was already an innovation trailblazer, having developed the first ever FAA approved fuel injectors for over 300 models of aircraft piston engines. What they gained through a partnership with Atlantic BT was an innovative solution to execute their vision. GAMI now has a customized ecommerce platform where customers can navigate through the G100UL application process quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.