Where We Begin and Where We're Going

Our Origin Story

1998: The Internet was an upstart technology. Forward-thinking technologists, designers, and programmers could change how we learned, how we shopped, and how we shared information.

This dream is how Atlantic BT began. For 18 years, we’ve helped more than 1,000 clients achieve their digital potential with award-winning solutions.

Who We Are

We’ve been called a web design firm, a technology consultancy, and a marketing agency. All these labels are true, but it’s only by bringing them together that you grasp who we are—digital problem solvers.

We want to hear your toughest digital challenges and tackle them with a technology transformation that empowers your organization for the long term.

Our Vision

We want to serve clients with solutions that work now and for years to come. To accomplish this, we empower our employees with autonomy, mastery, and purpose. This means striking the right balance between work and play, treating everyone at Atlantic BT as a trusted family member. Our ultimate goal? Inspiring our company, clients, and community toward a better and smarter future.

We began Atlantic BT to take on tough digital problems with technology that inspires the future of our clients.

Leadership Team

The "Brass"

Jon Jordan

Jon Jordan

CEO / Founder

Don Lockwood

Don Lockwood


Matt Lemke

Matt Lemke

VP of Technology

Eileen Allen

Eileen Allen

VP of Experience

Corey Brinkman

Corey Brinkmann

Creative Manager

Tera Simon

Tera Simon

Director of Client Engagement

Dan Beard

Dan Beard

Director of Software Development

Jennifer Herndon

Jennifer Herndon

Chief People Officer

Daniel Hooks

Daniel Hooks

Director of Project Management

Work Hard. Play Hard.
Always Learn.

We designed our office to continually celebrate and expand the minds of every expert on our team.

UX Lunch and Learn

Community of Innovation

We host PHP and Coding events to foster ideas in and outside our company.

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learns

We dedicate time every week for our team to share insights—and pizza.

Ping Pong

Level 1 Lounge

We love to share laughter and brilliance over video games, ping pong, and beer.

Friday Kudos

Friday Kudos

We celebrate the contributions of each team member with a chance to win cash.

We measure our success by how much we give back.

Go Forth and Be Awesome


Core Values

Values Matter

For more than 15 years we have done things the right way. Our values guide us in continually doing the best we can to make this a great company for our clients, our employees, and the community.

#1 Care about each other, our clients and our work.

#2 Be Transparent in what we do and what we communicate.

#3 Excel to elevate yourself, your team and the company.

#4 Own your work and own your career.

#5 Have Fun and enjoy your work, enjoy your life, enjoy the balance.