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Revamping digital strategy for European tech sales

Sumitomo Electric Europe

Sumitomo Electric Europe operates as a subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries, one of Japan’s major manufacturers of electric wire and optical fiber cables. The European branch focuses on the sales and marketing of these products, supporting various sectors including automotive, electronics, and energy. Sumitomo Electric Europe leverages advanced Japanese technology to provide innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of the European market, enhancing connectivity and technological advancements across the continent.

Project Type

Custom Website


WordPress, PHP



For Sumitomo Electric Europe, our comprehensive process began with discovery, involving user research, analytics review, information architecture analysis, content inventory, and a technical audit. In the design phase, we crafted a concept board, wireframes, and mockups. For development, we built a WordPress website, integrated a product catalog, ensured accessibility, and managed a seamless migration.