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Our Process

Elements of Success

A period table of Atlantic BT’s services grouped by five project phases.

Experience matters. With 25 years of building websites, software, and other digital applications, you can trust that we’ve mastered the process to deliver amazing results. We follow your needs throughout the entire development life cycle, providing a clear journey from concept to completion.  

The first phase of our process is Discovery. This involves getting to know you and your users’ needs, and understanding the project goals and objectives. Next is Design, where we’ll create the strategy, visual elements, and technical planning for your website. The third phase is Development. We’ll use the design to build the site, using HTML, CSS, and other programming languages. Deploy is the fourth phase, where we ensure your website is fully functional and ready to go live. The final phase is Delight. This involves monitoring the site after deployment, making sure it’s always up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

This is just a short overview, but dig in deeper – we’ve got details for each element of the table!

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The Five Phases of Our Process

Phase One


This is the requirements-gathering phase, where we identify what the client organization wants to achieve, which leads naturally to understanding your users and their needs.

Phase Two


This is the phase where we enter the “solution space,” where we look at how we can meet the organizational objectives and user needs that are defined in the discovery phase.

Phase Three


This is the phase where the developers take over and start building the underlying infrastructure, the platform on which all else rests.

Phase Four


Once all the code is complete, the IT group takes the fore and leads the deployment process. Our expertise in DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code enables us to handle the challenging task of making a complex website manageable.

Phase Five


While the name may sound a bit frivolous at first, the delight phase is extremely important for any website that is interested in attracting, engaging and retaining customers who exist in a continuously evolving web-enabled world.