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Toshiba Global Commerce

Custom website and partnership with b2b technology company

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions collaborated with Atlantic BT to redesign their b2b custom website, They aimed for a design that provides an optimal mobile experience and allows users to easily access information. The project included a comprehensive redesign during the Discovery phase and the implementation of user interface elements using SCSS, JavaScript and additional tools during the Design and Development phase. The result was a user-friendly, visually appealing b2b custom website that not only met Toshiba’s initial requirements but also set a standard for future online platforms including an employee and partner portal. 

Several pages of the Toshiba Global Commerce website

At a glance.

Toshiba Global Commerce

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is a division of Toshiba Business Solutions which specializes in b2b retail store technology solutions. The division focuses on providing advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems, digital signage, and self-service kiosks and serves over 120 countries worldwide. Toshiba Global Commerce leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative and reliable solutions that help retailers manage and grow their businesses effectively.

The ask.

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions engaged with Atlantic BT to provide discovery, design, and front-end development for their custom website On top of an updated design and a stellar mobile experience, they wanted their customers and representatives to be able to find information on the website quickly. They believed that having a solution-focus to the website would relieve the mental load of customers having to piece together the hardware and software solutions themselves.

The solution.

During the Discovery phase, we conducted usability tests with customers of the current website to uncover ways of improving the user experience. We discovered challenges related to navigating the menu and determining the appropriate software solutions for individual needs. In response, we redesigned the menus with icons instead of software boxes and created solution-focused categories for users to identify the right software that meets their needs. To help guide the user, we also added an industries section with specific hardware and software solutions for each industry. 

In the Design phase, we started with a concept board that helped us reimagine the user interface elements for the entire website. This was followed by the development of wireframes and finally high fidelity mockups that guided our development of the front end of the website. During development, we built flat HTML with the SCSS framework and leveraged some JavaScript with plainJS, Swiper, and CountUp.js.

The end result.

Toshiba was very happy with the custom website design and implementation, to the point that additional pages have been developed using the new design. We have continued to support Toshiba throughout more projects including the discovery and design of an employee portal and a partner portal which utilized the same UI theme as the website.


Toshiba website home page before redesign


Toshiba desktop home page after redesign