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.NET Umbraco 8 Development

Biotech leader gets a custom Umbraco 8 website.

The challenge.

Kryosphere has been independently rated as one of the top biorepositories in the country, offering services such as controlled temperature storage, sample management, and specimen processing.

Unfortunately, a one-page website was failing to fully showcase Kryosphere’s expertise and vast capabilities. They were looking for a solution that would help build brand authority, scale with company growth, and ultimately increase sales.

Furthermore, Kryosphere was relying on a third-party for a customer portal. With aspirations to handle customer logins and dashboards internally, they needed a website that would seamlessly integrate with a custom platform.

Gathering business requirements.

Atlantic BT determined that Kryosphere had the following requirements:

  • A one-page website needed to be transformed into a robust hub for company information.
  • A simple CMS needed to facilitate page creation with flexible templates.
  • The website needed to support future plans: adding a self-serve customer portal with reporting dashboards.
  • The website needed to reduce outsourced support by relying on internal .NET developers.

Implementing a solution.

Creating a content structure.

While Kryosphere’s current website was one simple page, Atlantic BT was able to create a content structure from scratch, building out 20+ pages.

We turned to Kryosphere’s existing literature as a starting point, using additional market research to shape navigation and topics.
We also created page layouts, structuring the types of copy to include on a page by page basis.

Building a .NET website with Umbraco 8.

Atlantic BT recommended a .NET website using Umbraco 8. This drag-and-drop interface is simple for employees to use.

When it comes time to bring inventory management in-house, Umbraco will make it easy to build a customer login portal with reporting dashboards.

The result.

Meeting each of Krysophere’s unique business requirements, Atlantic BT delivered a 25-page website with a modern design and easy-to-find information. Users experience a simple interface when creating new content.

Better still, using Umbraco 8 helped Kryosphere recognize the benefits of simple content management with increased flexibility for future software integrations.

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