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Our Process


The discovery phase is a crucial first step for any web design or software development project. It includes the necessary research and analysis required to determine how the website, software or application can best serve the needs of the business and its customers. Our research and technology experts will guide you through the business strategy, user experience, and technical analysis areas of discovery.

Discovering the value

Business Strategy

Our business strategy capabilities are focused on learning about you, your goals, and your processes.

Elements we use

Stakeholder Interviews

Interviewing stakeholders helps define the need for a website overhaul & gets stakeholders onboard with your web redesign project

Learn More About Stakeholder Interviews
Affinity Map

Learn how affinity diagrams help Atlantic BT web designers analyze user research and improve user experience and web performance

Learn More About Affinity Map
Business Model Canvas

Through the Business Model Canvas framework we can understand your business quickly and effectively and align the project to your needs.

Learn More About Business Model Canvas
Business Process Mapping

Business Process Mapping is a tool used to visualize, analyze, and improve the efficiency of various processes within an organization.

Learn More About Business Process Mapping
Service Blueprint

Service Blueprints are visual representations that allows us to illustrate and understand the front and back end aspects of an application.

Learn More About Service Blueprint
Requirements Matrix

Ensure digital project success with a requirements matrix – a clear understanding of features & priorities for seamless web development.

Learn More About Requirements Matrix

User Experience

Atlantic BT prioritizes gaining deep insights into the needs, behaviors, and expectations of your end-users.

Elements we use

User Interviews

Learn how user interviews are an easy and popular way to know how users perceive your design and can help increase website conversion.

Learn More About User Interviews
Usability Testing

Usability testing is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall user-friendliness of a web site or application.

Learn More About Usability Testing
Information Architecture

Learn why information architecture is vital for building a user-friendly website or intranet & how an experienced web design firm ensures its done right.

Learn More About Information Architecture
User Personas

Develop user personas to create a customer-centric website & boost online conversions. Learn how with Atlantic BT, 25 years of web experience

Learn More About User Personas
Contextual Inquiry

Contextual Inquiry is a research method that observes & interviews users in their setting to uncover hidden insights about your customers.

Learn More About Contextual Inquiry
User Workflows

User workflows are step-by-step journeys that users take when interacting with websites or software applications.

Learn More About User Workflows

Technical Analysis

We conduct comprehensive assessments to gain a thorough understanding of the technical landscape and potential challenges.

Elements we use

Analytics Review

Gain insights from user data and optimze your website. Learn how Atlantic BT uses web analytics to help you meet your business objectives.

Learn More About Analytics Review
Content Inventory

Manage website clutter and simplify content with a website inventory to understand your site better and make changes like adding new keywords

Learn More About Content Inventory
Technical Audit

Is your website underperforming? Here’s how a technical audit can improve website performance. Atlantic BT- experienced in website redesign.

Learn More About Technical Audit
Domain Strategy

It is critical to develop a domain name strategy to protect your brand and business and is used with every phase of a web development project

Learn More About Domain Strategy
Accessibility Audit

Our accessibility audit includes a two step process of automated scanning and manual evaluation to report on adherence of standards.

Learn More About Accessibility Audit