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Our Process – Phase Five


While the name may sound a bit frivolous at first, the delight phase is extremely important for any website that is interested in attracting, engaging and retaining customers who exist in a continuously evolving web-enabled world. This is the phase where the KPIs identified back in the discovery phase, incorporated into the design, and developed into the code should be monitored. Whether it is monitoring page views to determine user interest, assisting with A/B tests to optimize interfaces, or tracking conversion funnels, monitoring is the best way to ensure you are keeping your users happy. Of course, monitoring is only as effective as the insights gained from monitoring are put into practice.

Digital Project Management

Digital project management is all about helping teams achieve success. It’s a process that’s designed to foster collaboration, progress, and success in any digital project.

Feature Development

Feature development is an iterative process that is an integral part of the software development lifecycle. It involves creating code for a specific feature or set of features that are required for a website or application.

Performance Monitoring

Web performance monitoring is an essential tool for businesses to keep track of their website performance. It’s used to measure and evaluate website speed, best practices, and accessibility standards to ensure a good user experience. 


Content management system (CMS) training is designed to help website admins and clients get the most out of their websites.