Staff Up for Your .NET Projects

How to Assemble the Right .NET Team

Custom applications let you design systems in tune with your business, and .NET projects maximize this control. Because the .NET framework lets you code in a variety of languages, these projects also introduce a host of tough questions. How will you select the right team of developers? What’s the best way to map out your development and testing processes? How should you plan to support your .NET solution during development and after deployment?

You don’t have to tackle these questions alone. By augmenting your existing staff with expert developers from our team at Atlantic BT, you can develop custom .NET applications that stand the test of time.

Learn how our team can support your staff.

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.NET Expertise Meets Agile Development

From staff augmentation to cloud integration, Atlantic BT has the expertise and proven success to deliver winning .NET projects that create lasting value. Here’s how we crafted an enterprise-level .NET project for a major health insurance provider:


Develop a Secure, Flexible Portal in Three Months

The health insurance provider needed to set up a student insurance portal for 13 of NC’s public universities. This portal needed to accommodate up to 250,000 students during the peak enrollment period—which would begin in three months. The insurance provider engaged ABT’s .NET team to support their in-house product team.

ABT Strategy

Collaborate on a .NET Platform in the Cloud

Our team worked closely with the insurance provider’s team to map out a blueprint for design and development on a .NET platform. This helped us maximize collaboration between our two teams during each sprint of our agile development process. By hosting the web portal on an Amazon Web Services cloud, we delivered an elastic hosting solution that would maintain service even during peak traffic periods.


Rock-Solid Service and an Ongoing Partnership

When enrollment began, 250,000 students across NC’s public colleges accessed the new health insurance portal with zero downtime or lapse in service. Because of the success of this project, the health insurance provider solidified a lasting partnership with ABT. We continue to support this enterprise-level .NET project today.


Our Three Pillars of .NET Mastery

To deliver .NET projects with lasting value, you need core principles that drive your work. Here are the values that power our .NET developers.

Train Your Team

It all starts with the right people. A great .NET development team takes skilled and competent developers, so we create individual career plans to help each of them to hone their skills. We also teach our developers to be excellent communicators. This means our team knows how to connect with many audiences, conveying critical details to fellow developers, CIOs, marketing executives, or IT operations staff. By documenting and sharing each of these details across our projects, we ensure stakeholders from inside or outside our business can understand how our code works. Combine that with our end-to-end understanding of the Dev/Ops/Security relationship and you have a multifaceted team ready to handle every aspect of a .NET project.

Perfect Your Process

How do you assure end-to-end quality in a .NET project? You have a reliable, test-driven process that flexes to fit project needs. After our team identifies and prioritizes the project’s objectives and specifications, we break down the work into two-week sprints to iterate toward our shared goals. As our developers create new features, it’s vital to build in code reviews to both ensure quality and prevent silos from isolating knowledge on our team. And by including automated unit tests, integration tests, and user acceptance testing throughout development, we verify our code will work as expected under multiple scenarios.

Integrate Your Support

Once our code is complete, we follow sound implementation practices for our .NET projects. Our developers work closely with our IT team to create a deployment plan that aligns cloud technology with our custom applications to build resiliency into any release. In addition, we document our configuration and release notes alongside the development blueprint to make it easier to identify any errors. Throughout development, our in-house quality assurance team manually tests each feature to optimize the user experience. If anything goes wrong during or after deployment, our QA experts can quickly identify and report any issues.

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Atlantic BT Secures Critical Business App for Mutual Drug