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CMS Consulting

Your CMS can be your most important tool. Choose and use it well.

The Why

With capability comes complexity. We can help.

In the modern web era, a content management system (CMS) is essential to the creation, management, and governance of digital content, and can serve a broad range of needs from web content management (WCM) to enterprise content management (ECM). Not surprisingly, there are a large number of CMS solutions available, ranging from simple solutions for specific tasks to highly complex enterprise-grade systems. Not only is choosing the right CMS important, but configuring, administering, and maintaining it is crucial.

“We are currently using a proprietary CMS, but we are left with a limited feature set and no community support.”
“I know we can do more with this CMS, but we don’t have the time or skills to optimize it or use advanced features.”
“We need a new CMS with more capability, but we don’t know which one to choose.”
“Our content team knows how to use our CMS, but we don’t have the technical expertise to apply upgrades and maintain hosting.”
...just to name a few, of course.

CMS Consulting Services

Your CMS is a complex machine; allow ABT to finely tune it.

CMS Selection

Our CMS consultants help you identify and prioritize needs, performing a comparative analysis of a subset that most closely match your criteria. This method is similar to a personalized magic quadrant analysis.


Any CMS requires some initial setup, especially to optimize its feature set. We do this so often we have identified and standardized best practices.

Updates & Upgrades

Your CMS contains important information; regular updates must be applied to maintain security and smooth operation. When major upgrades come along, we can ease the transition.


The CMS is just the software part – it has to reside on a server somewhere, and that server must be reliable, scalable, and secure. Whatever your volume, traffic, and disaster recovery needs; we can architect, build, and maintain the hosting structure for your CMS.

Feature Extension

Most popular CMS platforms are extensible, through 3rd party plugins, modules, and themes. However, checking them for compatibility, bugs, and security can be a tricky business. We have a large selection of such extensions that we have vetted and use regularly, and can vet others as needed. When necessary, we can write custom extensions as needed (without breaking the upgrade path).

CMS Selection Breakdowns

Are you considering Magento, Shopify, WordPress, or another popular CMS solution? Check out these guides to get started choosing the best fit.

Umbraco CMS breakdown
WordPress CMS breakdown
Magento CMS breakdown
Shopify CMS breakdown

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