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Web Development

Create an engaging online experience that gets results.

Our Expertise

Know what to build and how to build it.

We blend a scientific approach and data-driven-design with artistic flair to deliver effective web experiences that get results.

Building effective websites has become increasingly complex, requiring a broad range of expertise, ranging from content to user-driven design, to systems integrations and technical SEO.

“I have a large, complex site that has become outdated and needs redesigning.”
“My website has lots of visitors, but poor engagement and declining results.”
Managing our site has become impossible, I need something that is customized for my organization.”
“Our competitors have leapfrogged us on the web and we are starting to lose business.”
...just to name a few, of course.

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Web Development Services

How Atlantic BT Helps You

We transform your ideas into real results for your business.

Every web development project begins with thorough design research. Our design is based on more than just visual aesthetics. We get results.

Solid planning and thoughtful artistry will help you reach your goals. Our designs build powerful brands and reliable user experiences, putting your company in the right direction.


Design and development in a vacuum is like throwing a dart at a dart board while blindfolded. We gather as much data as possible and then develop solutions that are user-centric, ensuring maximum engagement and success.


We adhere carefully to standards and use emerging frameworks that make our solutions as future-proof and maintainable as possible, even as innovation continues to accelerate change.


Users consume web services across a wide range of devices — desktop, tablet, mobile, even on wearable devices. We develop our solutions to be consumed across the widest array of devices possible, delivering engaging experiences on each device.


Accessibility standards were created to ensure equal access to content and applications regardless of impairments or disabilities. We are experts at delivering solutions that meet or exceed accessibility compliance standards.

Framework and Technology Agnostic

We are not stuck in one stack or framework. We work in the latest technologies and frameworks — always trying new things and blending the best of what’s new with proven approaches to ensure development efficiency and productivity.

ABT not only met needs of each project, but significantly improved upon the initial function and design. No out-of-the-box mobile app solution can compare to the quality and expertise that comes with an ABT product.

Allie Gouveia Digital Marketing Coordinator at UNC Rex Healthcare