Delight. It’s a feeling that goes beyond “It worked” or “Looks nice.” Delight is a feeling that inspires, inviting invites the user to explore, play, and connect. Create delight in your users, and they will keep coming back to your site or system again and again. That’s the goal of every ABT design project.


Campbell University

Site Design – Content Strategy – Mobile Optimization – Branding
Transformed university homepage to boost student engagement with 20% increase in new users

Site Design – Information Architecture – Mobile Optimization – Content Strategy
Designed and implemented user-friendly CMS for the face of NC government, reducing bounce rate 38%

Martin Marietta

Web Development – Information Architecture – Site Design – Mobile Optimization
Created new web presence for global materials supplier, increasing new users by 50% and reducing bounce rate by 30%

Site Design – Content Strategy – Social Enablement – Mobile Optimization
Redesigned legacy website into socially-engaged experience, leading to 177,000+ new visitors and 22,000+ new Twitter followers

MacGregor Partners

Site Design – Product Branding – Content Strategy
Modernized homepage and digital experience, including creating the sites and brands for two new software products

How to Make Design That Delights

Start with Research.

Interview, survey, and learn from your user base. Without a deep understanding of their wants, worries, and frustrations, you can never make a design they will love.

Map the Experience.

Treat a user session like a journey. This means visualizing how they will look, click, and find their way through your interface.

Balance Familiar and Different.

Empathize with your users to decide what features to preserve from legacy systems while redesigning functionality that isn’t working.

Optimize for Mobile.

Adapt your design and features to excel across any device. This helps users have a seamless experience across different screen sizes.

Add Analytics.

Measure how users interact with your design at every touchpoint. This will give you the insight you need to power future iterations.

Test. Revise. Repeat.

Improve your design whenever you can by regularly optimizing your interface and features according to how users respond to it.

Research Triangle Park

NC’s Top Research Organization

Atlantic BT Designs New Digital Home for Research Triangle Park