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Software Integrations

Silos Of Chaos To A Single Silo Of Success

In today’s business world, we’re inundated with every type of business software out there to supposedly make our lives easier. Fact is, these software integrations are not simple, plug-and-play solutions. Far from it.

Multiple tools that you daydream of seamlessly passing data back and forth, yet, that data ultimately bounces around in its own silo. We’ve been there ourselves in the past; lost, confused, and misdirected.

The heavy lifting starts at the beginning. Get it wrong and you’re sitting on muddy data, further delaying your ability to make informed business decisions. To get it right out of the gate, it simply takes experience.

The people at Atlantic BT know what they’re doing, I’ve worked with dozens of agencies and I haven’t seen such dedicated bunch of individuals in all my life.


Where do you need help?

Software Integrations

Select the software you need integrated.

Clean mapping, clean results

Get It Right

Think Future First

It’s very easy to get caught up in the “now.” Before we help you unpackage the various software solutions you’re looking to integrate, visualizing an extensive field map of all present and future scenarios is what we do best.

You don’t build a house without a blue print and integrating your software solutions is no different.

Taking Inventory

Every business is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Since 1998, Atlantic BT has integrated 100’s of custom solutions tailor made around your existing digital infrastructure. 

We want to work within your existing systems. Let’s not reinvent the wheel and let’s not needlessly spend your money.

Monitor & Adjust 

As your business evolves, your data needs will likely evolve as well. An ongoing partnership with Atlantic BT ensures versatility to adjust and maintain your software solutions when those critical moments arrive.

And most importantly, you get instant availability. You can never truly predict future roadblocks but when they arise, we’ll be ready and able to deploy your next solution.