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Increasing site speed improves conversions, revenue, and user satisfaction.

Site Speed Quickstart

Atlantic BT will evaluate your website’s performance, provide a list of recommendations, and implement accordingly to optimize site speed.

Our site speed optimization drives value by…

  • Increasing conversions and time on site
  • Increasing rankings and ad exposure
  • Preventing Google penalties
  • Improving customer / user satisfaction

What can I expect?

Atlantic BT starts with a site performance audit, finding opportunities to improve. We will then implement our recommendations to fully optimize your site. This may include:

  • JavaScript optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Leverage browser caching
  • IT architecture recommendations

Start optimizing for speed today.

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Your data and privacy matter to us. We’ll never share it to outsiders. In good faith we’ve provided our terms of use and privacy policy for you to review if you want to verify everything.

Why now?

Ignoring site speed is becoming more hurtful than ever. First of all, expectations from users are increasing. Secondly, Google is taking site speed more seriously every year, which could greatly impact your ROI on marketing. Prevent search engine penalties, boost ad visibility, and ultimately stay ahead of your competitors.

What’s next?

After our preliminary audit, we’ll share and review our findings with you. We can then implement our roadmap to get your site on track, which may include front-end development, IT, and marketing resources.

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