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Security Engineering

Smart, Experienced, On-Demand Security Engineering

The Why

Need some extra horsepower on your security projects?

Finding the human capital you need to complete your security projects is difficult. Costs can be outrageously high and resources are scarce. We can help. Let’s talk about what you need and put together a plan to provide the engineering required to deliver your projects. 

“I need certified security experts to help supplement my team.”
“I don’t want to add FTE’s to my organization to fill short-term needs.”
“I can’t find the resources necessary to complete the security work I need.”
“I don’t want to manage more people — I want to prioritize security projects and finish them rapidly.”
...just to name a few, of course.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

Build, scale, and secure. Access the services you need on demand.

Network Engineering

LAN to WAN and everything in between — we have the network engineering expertise your organization needs to stay connected.

Firewall and Security Endpoints

Evaluation, deployment, and management for the hardware and software solutions at the perimeter of your network.


Evaluation, deployment, and management of A/V solution to protect your environment from software threats.


Rely on our encryption expertise for the protection of your data at rest and in transit.


Gain the insight you need to manage and protect your network from threats, performance drops, and downtime.

Penetration Testing

Regular, sophisticated penetration testing is a vital part of network security. Probing your network and applications for vulnerabilities provides critical data where holes exist and what is most critical to address.

Patch Management

Patch management is tedious and thankless. Gain an edge on keeping your systems patched and secure using our managed services.

Training and Consulting

Need some direction to help your team solve specific technical or security challenges? We provide network and security training and consulting at the organization level through vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) or on-demand for your project needs.


Authorization services determine who gets in and who stays out. Proper authorization management is scalable and secure — we can help turn your ad-hoc authorization and authentication into an organized and secure framework to scale with your organization.

Cybersecurity Case Studies

Soldier on laptop
A fragmented security system can increase overhead and become difficult to manage. See how Atlantic BT implemented a scalable dashboard to centralize cybersecurity.
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Night Sky
Constellation needed to meet the stringent compliance needs of today's modern credit unions while maintaining a DevOps culture. See how Atlantic BT helped Constellation solve their DevOps challenges.
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The Atlantic BT Manifesto

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Complex Web Project