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Amazon Web Services

The Benefits of Atlantic BT’s AWS Partnership

AWS provides cloud-based hosting and infrastructure for many different kinds of organizations. Through our partnership, Atlantic BT is able to work with the pricing, architecture, and security needs of both public agencies and private organizations.

Our Capabilities

AWS Partnership & Experience

Atlantic BT’s AWS experience is significant and wide-ranging. We’ve worked with S3, RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, VPC, CloudFront, route 53, API Gateway, CloudWAtch, IAM, Cognito, SNS, SQS, and more. Whatever you’re looking to do with AWS, we can help provide a secure, scalable solution.



Public & Private AWS Cloud Solutions

Atlantic BT's AWS Capabilities

Public Sector Experience

Our AWS Public Partnership has enabled us to work with GovCloud, a region of AWS designed specifically for government agencies. As a result, we have helped multiple government websites achieve success.

Private Organization Experience

Our AWS-certified experts also architect cloud environments for private organizations. We migrated Mutual Drug, a billion-dollar drug co-op, to the cloud, enhancing the site’s scalability and performance.

Architecting New Applications

AWS is different from traditional environments. This is important to consider when designing cloud-native applications. We understand AWS architecture choices, scalability, resource types, automation, and flexible components.

AWS Cloud Migration

To benefit from the elasticity and agility of cloud computing, our engineers will shape your architecture to take full advantage of AWS. We will create a customized migration strategy specific to your unique business.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

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Interested in Learning More About Our AWS Work?

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