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Protect your data with a balanced approach to cybersecurity.

Integrating applications and databases creates dangerous blind spots, both for your internal data and external users. Our cybersecurity company addresses these threats by combining compliance, responsiveness, and engineering without sacrificing usability and agility.

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The Atlantic BT Approach to Cybersecurity

What To Expect



We evaluate your infrastructure to find and resolve vulnerabilities in your network, databases, applications, storage, and other infrastructure. We also monitor your systems, applications, and digital interactions for threats.



We map the flow of data across your digital footprint, applications environment, library framework, source code, and storage to pinpoint risks before they turn into attacks. Then, we implement safeguards to effectively limit and contain the impact of a cybersecurity threat.



We pinpoint risks before they turn into disastrous attacks. Once we identify a threat, we act fast with planned response and mitigation. Rely on our Security Operations Center (SOC) to detect threats and respond to incidents. We partner with Arctic Wolf to offer AWN CyberSOC, which uses a proprietary, cloud-based SIEM for detection.



During response planning, we identify who needs to be involved and test our plan of action. Our experts will contact your IT team and provide detailed instructions on responding to a threat. We help you control the risk and minimize its impact, monitor the environment, or avoid the risk.



Bounce back and restore damage from a cybersecurity issue. We offer recovery planning, architecting back-up capabilities to quickly restore service if a breach occurs. We partner with Gemalto to bring enterprise crypto management solutions, enabling long-term scalability with support for clustering, load balancing, and replication across multiple disaster recovery sites.

Our Cybersecurity Company's Capabilities

What we have to offer


Compliance & Governance

We offer security consulting at a CISO level. We also provide compliance domain assessments and roadmaps customized for your business.

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Endpoint Security

Defend against advanced attacks and trigger an adaptive response. Get ransomware protection, reduce your risks, and easily restore damage.

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Log Monitoring & Management

We partner with industry-leading SIEM and MDR providers to bring you logging configuration, capacity planning, and encryption control support.

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Managed Security Services

Aside from managed vulnerability scanning, reporting, and remediation; we also partner with multiple vendors to provide managed services for their products.

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Identity Management

We offer multi-factor and wireless authentication, remote connectivity, and additional identity management services.

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Vulnerability Management

Our cybersecurity company offers both external and internal vulnerability scanning, reporting, and patch management support for clients.

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Our Security Partners

Our partners are leaders in the security field. We work together to keep you in compliance with your industry’s standards
and give you protection you can count on.

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