To guide users to the content they seek, you need more than a labeling system. Atlantic BT approaches information architecture by merging organizational art and science to anticipate user questions before they turn into issues.


How We Design Smart Information Architecture

Content Inventory & Topics Audit

We review and map your content to gain a complete view of your digital presence.

Gap Analysis

We pinpoint gaps that diminish user engagement and find opportunities to streamline and connect related content.

Taxonomy and Search

We collate content with rich search capabilities and taxonomy testing so users find what they need.

Tree Testing

We verify your site structure by learning how users explore your content, showing us how best to optimize it.

Martin Marietta

A Global Building Materials Supplier

Atlantic BT Modernizes Digital Face of Martin Marietta’s Global Business


Information Architecture Essentials

Consistent Label Strategy

Are your page titles and menu tabs labeled in the same tone, case, and style? It’s important to maintain consistency in order to streamline navigation.

Up-to-Date Content

How often do you update content to fit your users’ changing needs? It’s vital for you to regularly check and update content on your site as the demands of your visitors change.

Transparent Navigation

How quickly can your users find what they need? You want your menus and other navigation tools to reflect a well-researched understanding of what users want from your site.

Our Awards

  • INC 5000
  • Best Places to Work
  • Google Partner
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Magento