Whether you run a large eCommerce site or want stability for a critical web application, Atlantic BT can architect your hosting solution to scale effectively while fitting the unique needs of your users.


How We Design Your Ideal Hosting Environment

Data Center, Cloud, and Hybrid Hosting.

We collaborate with you to architect servers and cloud capabilities that equip you for success.

Tailored Software.

We design your environments to empower critical business applications without extensive customization.

Dynamic Scalability.

We provide flexible hosting that scales when traffic escalates and reduces capacity during off-peak periods.

Baltimore Radio

The Voice of Baltimore News

Atlantic BT Creates a Crisis-Proof Infrastructure for Baltimore News Station


The Most Common Web Hosting Challenges

Choosing Your Server.

Selecting the right server is crucial to the future growth and stability of your business. This means weighing your resource and security requirements, as well as the budget range you have available.
Learn about AWS hosting for HIPAA Compliance

Managing Resources.

Planning for the right amount of web traffic and how these users will interact with your online presence is not easy. This requires you to know what kinds of files you will support and how much computing power you’ll need to have available.

Preparing for Downtime.

Guarding your online presence against disasters is essential, but need to be ready for the worst. This means having multiple copies of your site available to quickly restore service.

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