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Web Accessibility

Engage a broader audience and avoid lawsuits by embracing accessibility.

The Why

Build an accessible, robust digital platform.

Accessibility shouldn’t be a scary topic for anyone, but it is important for you and your organization to make it a priority. Of course, some organizations must meet accessibility compliance requirements, but this is only one reason for making accessible digital products. Accessible sites and apps allow more people to engage with your organization, buy your products, or access your services. Simply put, managing your digital accessibility is part of building a modern, robust digital platform.

“We’ve received an official complaint about our website’s accessibility.”
“It’s my job to work on our site’s accessibility, but I don’t know where to start.”
“I have old systems that we need to update to provide accessible content.”
“My eCommerce store makes it too difficult for users with disabilities to make a purchase.”
...just to name a few, of course.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

Get a clear pathway to better, more accessible digital spaces.

Make your site accessible for everyone

When you design your sites and applications to be accessible, you increase the size of your audience.

Avoid lawsuits and complaints

Create a strategy for addressing your organization’s accessibility problems.

Promote usability

Making your site accessible isn’t just about complying with standards, it also improves usability for all users.

Establish your plan

Accessibility can be complicated, so it’s important to follow a strategic approach for improvement and ongoing management.

Dig Deeper

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Accessibility Audit

Identify accessibility issues on your site through a multi-step audit process.


Automated Accessibility Testing

Set up automated testing to catch code issues that make your site inaccessible.


Accessibility Expert Review

Find website behaviors and design flaws that make using your site difficult or impossible for some people.


Website Remediation

Use our team of experts to get your website to where it needs to be.


Documentation Remediation

Update old, inaccessible document repositories to be compliant with modern standards.


Digital Accessibility Consulting

Develop your accessibility remediation strategy and work with a trusted partner to ensure your site stays up-to-date.

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