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UX Research

Start making smarter design and strategy choices by understanding your users.

The Why

Find out what your customers think, how they engage with your products, and how new designs work with real users.

There’s a reason leading companies, universities, and government agencies value user research. It’s because the knowledge gained through research – conducted with their actual users and customers – leads to smarter decision-making, fewer missteps, and more effective strategy. Depending on the project, research could mean building customer knowledge for a startup, building the foundation for a redesign strategy, or evaluating an existing site or application to make incremental changes. The bottom line is this: you work smarter when you’re grounding your decisions in data and research.

I can’t figure out why my customers aren’t engaging with my site more.

I’m just starting out, and I need to understand my customers.

We know we need to redesign, but we don’t know what would work best.

I need help choosing between different approaches to our redesign.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

Craft research that fits your specific needs and get answers to key questions.

Actionable Insights

User research isn’t complete without recommendations for change backed by data.

Smarter Decisions

Our project teams avoid pitfalls and make smarter choices because we make decisions based on research.

Tailored Research Plans

We don’t funnel you into a cookie cutter approach, instead we craft a research plan to match your project and information needs.

Direct User Feedback

Rather than basing decisions on guesswork and assumptions, we go straight to users for feedback.

Dig Deeper

User Research Services


Persona Profile Creation

Define your users to drive content, design and advertising campaigns.


User Discovery

Empower your project by learning more about your users’ motivations and pain points.


User Interviews

Find out the “why” behind your users behavior through interviews.


Customer Feedback

Set up a system to gather the voice of your customers.


Contextual Inquiry

Identify opportunities for improvement by watching users interact with your sites and products.


Usability Testing

Put a website to the test to see if usability problems are stopping your users from reaching their goals.


Concept Validation

Learn early if a design or product concept is viable and gather feedback on how to improve its core ideas.


A/B Testing

Fine tune products and optimize designs for higher goal completion.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Complex Web Project