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UX Design

Create experiences that build customer loyalty.

The Why

How to create delightful digital experiences.

User experience design is about much more than just creating functional interfaces, it’s about creating end-to-end experiences that delight customers. Delight is a feeling that goes beyond “it worked” or “it looks nice.” It is a feeling that inspires, inviting the user to explore, play, and connect. Create delight in your users, and they will keep coming back to your site or system again and again. That’s the goal of every ABT design project.

“Our customers hate our website.”
“I need to make a brand new application that people will love.”
“We need a better way for people to get things done.”
“I need a modern, exciting design.”
...just to name a few, of course.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

Transform the way your customers engage with your organization.

Create your digital future

Create experiences that will build user trust, confidence, and delight.

Put your users at the center

Make a bigger impact with your users by designing for their needs.

Make something beautiful

Match stunning visuals that impact users with intuitive, simple interactions.

Leave clunky behind

Your user experience may need an update now, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. We can help you modernize and design your organization’s digital footprint.

Dig Deeper

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Customer Journeys

Map your customers’ interactions with your brand and products to find opportunities for improvement.


Brand Design

Transform the way you present your organization to the world and capture your customers’ attention with a carefully crafted brand.


Design Sprints

Go from concept to design in no time to get up and running quickly.



Iterate rapidly using wireframes and mockups to test concepts.



Create high fidelity designs without committing time and resources to code.


User Interface Kits

Get a powerful and versatile interface system that can scale with your site or application.

Experience Design Case Studies

Campbell Site collage and style guide
Campbell sought a more unified presence between multiple departments, an enhanced mobile experience, and an information architecture that would guide users to essential information.
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NC Department of Commerce

Implementing a State-Wide Digital Strategy

workshop image of post it notes on board
Atlantic BT has a refined Discovery process well-suited for government agency rollouts. See how we were able to help NC DoC meet strategic objectives.
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The Atlantic BT Manifesto

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Complex Web Project


Atlantic BT's Insights

We’re sharing the latest concepts in tech, design, and software development. Learn more about our findings.

Questions & Answers

What is web design and development?
People often lump web design and development together, so what's the difference? As the Internet has evolved, the skills required to produce a high quality website or web application have changed.
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What is JavaScript used for in web development?
Historically speaking, JavaScript was only commonly but sparingly used in web development. The multiple browsers in use at the time each supported different versions of JavaScript and were slow to render more complex Javascript.
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What is bootstrap in web development?
Bootstrap is a framework used in front-end development to save time, specifically for mobile-first development. It combines CSS and Javascript templates and libraries to speed up the development process.
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What is front end vs. back end development?
As web development evolved, it separated into logical specialization: front end web development and back end development. While back end development involves the server-side development, front end is the final rendering.
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How do I create, organize, and write a digital strategy?
Nearly every time, good execution outperforms good ideas. For the most effective execution, it's essential to have a strong underlying strategy. Try organizing an offsite multi-day retreat with a facilitator.
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How do I avoid digital strategy pitfalls?
Like any strategy, there are more ways to find pitfalls than success. The first step in planning is to clearly articulate the overall strategy in a way that is easy to understand at all levels of the organization. 
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