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User Testing

Never stop learning about users.

The Why

Gain critical insight into user behavior.

We know a good user experience when we see it – after all, we use leading apps and robust websites everyday. But those digital experiences didn’t come out of the blue. Instead, they are the product of great design and rigorous, incremental improvement driven by data and user testing. Testing can reveal customer perceptions, validate designs, and identify pain points and user confusion. User testing leads to smoother user workflows, better conversion and task completion rates, and overall delightful user experience.

“I need to make my application easier to use.”
“Our site is confusing and clunky.”
“No one likes using our application.”
...just to name a few, of course.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

Understanding your audience is the first step in UX.

Learn what users do

Understand exactly how users behave on websites or tools.

See what motivates users

Just as important as learning what users do is learning why they do it. Gain qualitative insight into the “why” through user testing.

Identify pain points

See where users get tripped up or run into confusion using your websites and applications.

Make strategic improvements

Build a better experience for your users after identifying their biggest problems through user testing.

Dig Deeper

User Testing Research Methods


Usability Testing

Put a website to the test to see if usability problems are stopping your users from reaching their goals.


Contextual Inquiry

Identify opportunities for improvement by watching users interact with your sites and products.



Gather large scale feedback from customers on the questions that you need to answer.


Tree Testing

Figure out where your navigation might be confusing for users by testing.


Card Sorting

Understand how users group your content by hearing straight from them how they think your topics should be organized.



Perform large scale testing to compare efficiency and effectiveness between different designs.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

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