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Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Improve user experience by making your websites and applications easier to understand.

The Why

Create clear information architecture to drive a smooth user experience.

For industries like Higher Education, eCommerce, and Government, your users won’t want or be able to use your website if they can’t navigate to the information they need. Encouraging customers to use your website to answer their own questions can free up other resources, like phone lines and help desks. Well-planned and designed information architecture can make it easier for users to accomplish goals, find needed information, and work efficiently. 

I can’t find anything in our website.

Our website is confusing and not user-friendly.

We get so many calls because people can’t find answers on our website.

How Atlantic BT Helps You

User insights will fuel intuitive design that simplifies your site.

User-Centered Design

Put your users first in your information architecture by using language and organization that makes sense to them.

Test for Better Decision-Making

Base design decisions or real user feedback and test information architecture with real people to hone in on the best solution.

Navigation Design

Create easy to use navigation systems to make navigating through your website or application easier.

Enhance Findability

Improve your user’s ability to find information with better search, better metadata, and better options for locating what they need.

Dig Deeper

Information Architecture Services



Get things done in a short amount and create alignment through workshops.


Content Audits

Useless or outdated content makes it hard for people to use your site. Audits help you streamline your site.


User Interviews

Find out the “why” behind your users behavior through interviews.


Card Sorting

Understand how users group your content by hearing straight from them how they think your topics should be organized.


Tree Testing

Figure out where your navigation might be confusing for users by testing.



Plan out user flows and content categories before you begin building.


Metadata Strategy

Plan how your content is organized and described using metadata.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Complex Web Project