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Let Atlantic BT handle getting your products online.

The Why

Focus on your business strategy.

Based on our years of experience, we believe that a “software as a service” (SaaS) eCommerce provider like Shopify is a great fit for many clients. This SaaS solution handles a lot of the complicated tasks associated with eCommerce such as payment processing, product attributes, and the checkout process, including requested features such as abandoned cart marketing, wholesale inventory, blogging, and content publishing capabilities.

Even though Shopify is a simple solution that is designed to let a company get up and running quickly, working with an experienced web development and digital marketing company like Atlantic BT will ensure that your eCommerce store is ready for success by following industry best practices, with the added assurance as your ongoing marketing partner.

“I have an online store but I am too busy running my business to keep up with eCommerce improvements.”
“I have an idea for an eCommerce business, but am not technical and don’t know where to start.”
“I have an online store that I want to improve but I don’t know how.”
...just to name a few, of course.

How We Help

Atlantic BT's Shopify Solutions

Theme Selection

We will help select a theme with a sharp design which and provides the functionality your business needs. We can also modify or create custom functionality if needed.

Third-Party Integrations

Atlantic BT has 20 years of web development experience. We can customize your website to integrate with all kinds of third-party tools and applications like ERPs.

Data Migration

Atlantic BT can help with data migration or even platform migration if you are already using a different eCommerce platform or service.

Technical Setup

Atlantic BT can help navigate the technical side of the Shopify setup process. We help get domain names and email set up correctly so that your business is always open.

eCommerce Case Studies

Close up of person in propper military wear
After Propper’s Magento 1 redesign proved successful, they turned to Atlantic BT for a Magento 2 upgrade to further streamline their business units.
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Bob Barker Site Home Page
The right technology will streamline operations and boost sales. See how Atlantic BT unified Bob Barker’s eCommerce tools into a single platform.
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Questions & Answers

How much does custom eCommerce cost?
A custom eCommerce store could cost anywhere from $12,000/year to millions. Variable factors include the amount of custom features, the complexity of design, setup investments, training, and maintenance. Check out how to determine the cost of a custom eCommerce store.
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How do I build a WordPress eCommerce website?
There are two strategies to build eCommerce into your existing Wordpress site. First, you need to figure out if you need a complete eCommerce platform (ie. you need to sell many products, complex products, integration into other systems, etc.). The reason this matters is there are many eCommerce plugins for Wordpress with limited functionalities.
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What is Magento eCommerce?
Magento is an increasingly popular eCommerce platform. It is written in PHP on the ZEND framework and is distributed under the Open Source Initiative.
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How do I find out what eCommerce platform a site is using?
There are a couple different ways to determine the technologies a site is using. Firstly, if you are technically savvy, you can right click on an eCommerce page (either catalog, checkout page, etc) and look at the source code. Many platforms will have hints in the source code that will give you an idea what the site is running.
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How do I start an eCommerce business?
The most important thing to consider is your competitive advantage over others that may compete for the same type of eCommerce store. Low barriers to entry is both a pro and con to eCommerce.
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What is an eCommerce platform?
An eCommerce platform is software that online businesses use to build functions needed to conduct business. The platform may be as simple as a catalog and shopping cart, but traditionally "platform" refers to a more robust set of tools and services.
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What is the difference between eCommerce and eBusiness?
Because people like to define these terms to suit their purposes, there are many different definitions of eBusiness and eCommerce. We define eBusiness as completing primary business functions online.
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