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eCommerce Integrations

Consistent Data Drives Smarter Decisions

A typical eCommerce application will normally include integrations with many different systems dedicated to managing their own piece of the site. Our developers are skilled with these types of application integrations that include tools for inventory management, shipping, tax, and customer experience. Tracking a customer’s full journey through the purchasing process can be tricky when data is stored in different sources. Integrating your ERP or CRM with your website can help unify information so you can see the whole picture.

Make better eCommerce decisions with well-connected product and customer data.

  • Calculate lifetime value
  • Build loyalty programs
  • Reduce accounts receivable
  • Forecast revenue
  • Connect online and offline inventory
  • Add shipping and tracking information

Atlantic BT's eCommerce Integrations

What Can We Integrate?

For complex eCommerce platforms like Magento, you will need a custom integration for your ERP or CRM. Atlantic BT is experienced with writing custom connectors to unify your systems. Our skilled developers can architect a solution for an integration with any application that provides an API.


Related Capabilities

eCommerce CRM Integrations

Fully Recognizing the Benefits

Data Consistency

Errors in your data across systems could cost you money in the long run. We make sure all use cases are taken into account as we code, eliminating inconsistencies.

Strategy Mapping

Mapping your strategy with your CRM integration includes adding checks for potential failures, alerts when something goes wrong, and planning how to analyze and respond to data.

Gaining Insights

Gain deeper insights than ever before. Make smarter decisions with in-depth reporting on product performance and customer loyalty.

Manage Billing and Payments

With integrated systems, it’s easier to see what money is owed. Collect payments with efficiency and reduce accounts receivable.

Save Time

With an automated integration, you will no longer need to manually consolidate information from one system to another. No more CSV exports or entering data into another system by hand.