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Future-proof your Drupal CMS by updating to Drupal 8.

Free Drupal Assessment

Drupal Migration Assessment

Updating a mission-critical platform can seem a daunting task. Our free Drupal Migration Assessment includes technical, content, and performance assessments to ease the process. The results will help you scope and plan your Drupal update project.

In this Drupal Migration Assessment, you’ll receive:

  • Technical assessment of your existing Drupal instance, including identification of content types, taxonomies, file types, customizations, and modules used
  • Content scan of your website to determine content scope
  • Performance evaluation to current web standards
  • Identification of integrations to 3rd party systems or services

The Process is Simple

  • Provide your contact information with your current Drupal website URL.
  • One of our experts will reach out and confirm your options.
  • We will require admin login to your Drupal instance for the technical assessment (we are happy to sign a mutual NDA).
  • After the call and obtaining access credentials, we’ll perform the above assessment at no cost to you, typically valued at over $2,500.
  • Once completed we follow up with a call to discuss our initial findings and share our detailed migration assessment report with recommendations.

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Your data and privacy matter to us. We’ll never share it to outsiders. In good faith we’ve provided our terms of use and privacy policy for you to review if you want to verify everything.

Don’t lose your edge – start your Drupal 8 migration today.

Upgrading to Drupal 8 now will provide immediate benefits. Performance and security improvements aside, Drupal 8 includes a better experience for front-end users, an improved experience for admin users, and easier development. In addition, it avoids risking a time-crunch in waiting for Drupal 9. Let Atlantic BT help you get started with our free Drupal migration assessment.



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