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Building a Digital Strategy

Our Expertise

Digital transformation is a proven path to opening new markets, creating operational efficiencies, and driving revenue. To capture the potential of digital transformation, organizations of all sizes and stripes are creating robust digital strategies. If you haven’t developed, implemented, and optimized your digital strategy yet, your competition will leave you behind.

But what is a digital strategy? There is no fixed answer: to operations it’s data analytics, to IT it’s the cloud, to marketing it’s social media and the web, and so on. It is important to know which aspects apply to you and how they can be leveraged.

“I don’t know where to begin mapping our Customers’ Experience and identifying ways to improve it.”
“How do we start overhauling our customer-facing technology systems?”
“How do we build applications that support customer engagement?”
...just to name a few, of course.

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Digital Strategy Services


Business Strategy

We identify areas where technology can enable your business model in a Lean Canvas workshop with your key stakeholders.


Business Process Analysis

We work with your teams to map out mission-critical processes to identify technology, process, and organizational improvements.


Content Strategy

From brand messaging and content audits to web and social delivery channels, we map out a comprehensive content strategy.


Competitor Analysis

We carefully review your competitor or peer landscape to identify best practices and competitive opportunities you can leverage.


Atlantic BT's Insights

We’re sharing the latest concepts in tech, design, and software development. Learn more about our findings.

Questions & Answers

How much does a digital strategy cost?
Here is a short answer: Digital strategy can be created internally or externally (with the help of outside partners). Internally, depending on how big your organization is and how transformative your strategy is, the costs could vary greatly.
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How do I improve my digital strategy?
The first step to improving your digital strategy is understanding what’s not working with your current digital strategy. Are you not hitting your new customer acquisition goals? Revenue by customer?
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How do I create, organize, and write a digital strategy?
Nearly every time, good execution outperforms good ideas. For the most effective execution, it's essential to have a strong underlying strategy. Try organizing an offsite multi-day retreat with a facilitator.
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How do I avoid digital strategy pitfalls?
Like any strategy, there are more ways to find pitfalls than success. The first step in planning is to clearly articulate the overall strategy in a way that is easy to understand at all levels of the organization. 
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How does digital transformation help blue ocean strategy?
If both blue ocean strategy and digital transformation strategy exist; the blue ocean strategy would be the top level strategy, while digital transformation would be a necessary component of achieving the blue ocean strategy. To fully answer this question, let's first define Blue Ocean Strategy.
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Why is having a digital strategy important?
Digital strategy is important because there are few sectors technology won’t ultimately touch or transform. If your organization isn’t paying attention to digital strategy, you will fall behind and potentially reach a point where you are obsolete relative to competitors.
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What is Digital Transformation Strategy?
One of the interesting things about Digital Transformation is everyone seems to define it a little differently. The reality is that consultants sometimes label a new marketing plan a digital transformation strategy -- it’s not.
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How Atlantic BT Helps You

Build a comprehensive roadmap

Building a digital strategy is only half the battle – we help you create a systematic roadmap of technology initiatives to execute the strategy and drive digital transformation. Digital strategy is a true enabler when it is comprehensive. We help you look for opportunities in these four areas:

Fundamental Business Strategy

Are you leveraging technology to create new value propositions?


Are you optimizing your operations and value chain?


Are you improving how you engage with customers?


Does your organizational structure, skills inventory match your digital structure?

Framework and Technology Agnostic

We are not stuck in one stack or framework. We work in the latest technologies and frameworks — always trying new things and blending the best of what’s new with proven approaches to ensure development efficiency and productivity.

Atlantic BT’s designers, project managers, and developers were great partners with our own team of creative professionals to develop a robust and brand-consistent platform. We are now in a much better position to serve the needs of our campuses.

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