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SEO Audit & Strategy

Great content deserves the best ranking

Our average client sees a 25% growth in organic traffic within one year of completing our first SEO campaign. A number of clients have seen organic traffic growth above 100% within one year!

Data-Driven Raleigh SEO Company

What is SEO?

Nearly every online business or organization relies on search engines to acquire traffic to their website, but does your brand show up in those searches? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the disciplined practice of optimizing a website’s content, code, and performance in order to rank higher within Google’s – or any search engine’s – results pages.

Our Raleigh based team of data-driven SEO experts are skilled at crafting online marketing strategies for businesses of any size, from local restaurants to fortune 500 companies.

Effective. Organic. Scalable.

How We Build & Improve SEO

SEO Technical Audit & Risk Assessment

Our SEO Audit is an in-depth analysis of your site’s on-page and off-page technical issues.While many agencies will run a single crawl of your website, we utilize various tools to manually check for any issue that could prevent indexing or ranking within Google’s SERPs.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

In order to generate the most qualified traffic to your website, you need to target optimal keywords.We will analyze the content on your product, category, and landing pages to ensure that you’re targeting keywords with high search volume and conversion rates.

On-Page Optimization

When our team performs on-page optimization, we go beyond evaluating your meta tags and titles. We utilize our developers, designers, UX experts and content specialists to ensure your users are given the best possible on-site experience.

This includes site speed, content readability, interlinking, site hierarchy, rich snippets and so much more. At Atlantic BT, we never leave a stone unturned.

Off-Site Optimization

Off-site SEO is the act of leveraging online relationships and inbound links to improve your trustworthiness and authority within Google’s or other search engine result pages.

In our off-site optimization campaigns, we compare the backlink profiles, social campaigns and content marketing strategies of your top competitors to identify backlink opportunities from high-quality and relevant domains.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Complex Web Project

Keyword Tracking & Analytics Set Up

Atlantic BT goes beyond your standard vanity metrics. Every website depends on traffic metrics to gauge their website performance, but they’re often looking at the wrong metrics. Our team will look at every facet of your website to establish ideal user paths, and we’ll identify the most important KPI’s that lead to customers to conversion.

SEO-Friendly Migration Audits

It’s a daunting task to maintain your organic web presence during a website redesign or migration, so let the experts at ABT handle your migration for you. Atlantic BT offers SEO-friendly migration audits for websites of any size. We’ll analyze your redirect strategy, create a new sitemap, audit your content, and perform countless other tests to ensure you’re not susceptible to drops in organic ranking.

Local SEO

If you’re running a local business, your SEO strategy needs to be entirely different from that of a national or worldwide company. Much of Google’s local ranking factors are centered around Google reviews, local citations, schema markup, and Google My Business optimization. Our team has improved the local web presence of countless businesses in and around Raleigh.

Ready to Optimize Your Website?

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We’ll gladly run a free SEO audit and at the very least, point you down the right path.

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