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Email Marketing
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Email Marketing

Reach your customers in their inbox

The Basics

Why Should You Utilize Email Marketing?

An effective email marketing strategy is one of the fastest ways to progress potential clients through your sales funnel and build your brand loyalty. Atlantic BT utilizes a proven method of engaging your audience via newsletters, promotions, and automated campaigns. While other marketing ventures may grow your popularity, email marketing is the most effective way of converting leads to conversions.

Our Email Marketing Services

Building Your Campaigns

Email Marketing Strategy

Before we begin any campaign, our email experts will conduct significant research to identify an audience that is most likely to convert on your website. Then we will analyze your business goals and develop an optimal user path that touches every aspect of your customer’s journey.

Email Content Analysis

The biggest factor in the success of an email marketing campaign is the quality of the content that you share. Your clients don’t want to be contacted unless they’re receiving high-quality and engaging content.

Campaign Automation and Drip Campaigns

Initial email contact rarely garners a response or a conversion, but multiple email impressions can be highly effective. Our team will work within your Customer Relationship Management software to record your audience behavior, and we’ll create automated drip campaigns based around your users’ behavior.

Email List Management & Reporting

Every email recipient is different, and they should be treated that way. Atlantic BT leverages advanced user level data to identify and segment your audience members. We’ll utilize that segmentation to generate unique content, tailored to each users behavior.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Complex Web Project

Did You Know?

On average, Emails have the highest ROI of any online marketing platform. Let our experts teach you how to generate these results.

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