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Digital Marketing

Competitive. Tenacious. Relentless.

We offer every digital marketing service necessary to meet your business objectives. With over 20 years of experience, and located in the increasingly influential tech hub of Raleigh, North Carolina, we’re uniquely situated to provide the marketing solutions you are looking for. Knowledge, versatility, and collaboration makes our process one you can depend on.

Digital Marketing Agency in Raleigh

What To Expect



Before we hit the ground running, it’s critical for us to understand all of the ins and outs of your previous marketing efforts. Our data strategists will team up with your stakeholders to comb over any existing statistics and write up a comprehensive report outlining the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We want to make your money work for you. With our extensive knowledge of marketing contribution margins, we’ll reduce wasteful spend, increase KPI conversions, and turn your digital marketing initiatives into a well-oiled machine.



With the results of your marketing audit, we’re armed to start building the best public campaigns for your business. We cover all corners of the marketing world; social media, SEO, paid search, email marketing, print collateral, and more.

We’ll determine the best way to reach your target consumers and how to keep them engaged with your website and product. Detailing every possible scenario for each unique user creates an effective go-to marketing plan that delivers results.



Our data and design teams combine their powers to establish a strong foundation for your marketing campaigns. All consumer-facing collateral, from the visual look to the actual messaging, will encompass and amplify your company brand.

During this stage, we structure all campaigns and subsequent ad groups to adhere to strict data attribution. We are digital disciplinarians and wholly subscribe to the mindset that every link put out into digital space needs to be trackable. Everything. Gets. Tracked.



Without reliable tracking, we might as well strike a match and burn the remainder of your marketing budget. Consistent attribution allows us to accurately analyze results. When we are unable to do so, we are unable to make informed, data-driven decisions. Hence, the crucial need for disciplined tracking.

Analyzation takes time and patience. Sure, we can report back on click-through rates and other shallow metrics as they happen, but we’re better than that. We’re dialed into what is happening downstream on your website, drilling down to the metrics that matter most to your company.



Baseline metrics have been established and now the real number chasing can begin. Through our own data analyzation, we’ll identify every opportunity to squeeze the most out of your marketing dollar. The marketing funnel always has areas to optimize. Always.

At Atlantic BT, our team exists of career marketers who are committed to a process that has yielded results year after year. Learn more about our services below, and see how we can move your company forward.


What we have to offer


SEO Audit & Strategy

Our SEO process begins with a thorough audit of your website to find any technical issues. We then build a custom strategy using keyword research, competitive analysis, and on/off-page optimization techniques.

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Digital Advertising & Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click campaigns, including Google Adwords and social media ads, quickly increase quality conversions. Our data-driven team tests varying copy and designs to obtain the best results.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important part of your digital marketing strategy, whether you run paid ads or post consistent content. We’ll help you drive traffic, build your brand, and enhance your SEO campaign.

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Email Marketing

Retention of existing users is struggle for many companies. Email automation and newsletters are a surefire way to consistently keep your most important audiences engaged and updated.

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Content Strategy

Our experts can handle any aspect of your content, from out-line to final draft. We can help develop your voice, plan for the future, and ensure that your content finds its audience.

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General Consultation

We offer general consultations that include an audit of your website, discovery of pain points, and strategic marketing plans custom-tailored for your business needs.

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Our Arsenal Of Tools

We maintain annual licenses and have extensive experience with many of the marketing technologies below.

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