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Quality Assurance

Prevent User Frustration From the Beginning

Throughout the application development process, it is important to continuously test before deployment. Using manual or automated testing, our QA team ensures smooth functionality that will meet your business’ needs and satisfy users.

Advanced Quality Assurance

What Types of QA?

You can count on Atlantic BT for more than detecting bugs and performance issues.

Some of our popular testing capabilities include: manual functional testing, load testing, performance testing, integration testing, database migration testing, and automated visual regression. We also test accessibility / 508 compliance, cross-browser experience, and mobile experience.

Meeting Your Standards QA Tools & Capabilities
Our QA team is well-versed in many tools that help us deliver with high quality. Take a look at our stack of testing tools and CMS experience.

Rely on Our Process

Benefits of QA & Testing

Prevent Expensive Fixes

When your software doesn’t function correctly after a deployment, it’s even more time consuming (and therefore expensive) to fix. You also risk losing business from end users.

Streamline Communication

We test software as it’s created. Therefore, we’re in constant communication with our clients about the quality of the software. This natural part of our process ensures a strong end result.

Reduce Launch Anxiety

By having a team dedicated to quality, issues are caught and fixed in advance. You can feel confident in your launch and focus on the results.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Providing an enjoyable experience for customers means encouraging loyalty and inspiring trust in your brand.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

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