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Information Architecture Is Your Digital House in Order?

The Basics

What is Information Architecture?

Information Architecture (IA) is the science of structuring, organizing, and labeling content on all digital assets. It’s the backbone of your website. Without it, your site cannot support itself. It will live in your basement and never move out.

Solidly built, well-mapped IA allows users to easily access content on your website. Atlantic BT approaches IA by merging organizational art and science to anticipate user questions before they turn into issues. This consistently keeps you one step ahead.

Seamless, Solid, Scalable

How We Build Smart Information Architecture

Content Inventory & Topics Audit

We review and map your content, providing a complete view of your digital presence.

Gap Analysis

We pinpoint gaps that diminish user engagement, while finding opportunities to connect related content.

Taxonomy & Search

We collate content with rich search capabilities and taxonomy testing, allowing users to find what they need.

Tree Testing

We verify your site structure by learning how users explore your content, then optimizing it accordingly.

Looking Through The Lens of Information Architecture

The Past

Your website may have years (even decades) worth of existing content. The biggest challenge we see facing many websites is the number of orphaned pages (no existing link) and 404 Errors living on the live site.


The Present

Content is king and always will be. If your website relies heavily on frequently publishing new content, a cohesive, streamlined process allows you to be agile and allocate time to other priorities.


The Future

Unfortunately, no Magic 8 ball will be able to predict the future for your IA. However, it is still critical to plan ahead. Laying the foundation for a scalable content structure will save you time, headaches, and most importantly, money. Outlook good.

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