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Why Use Drupal?

Atlantic BT Drupal developers are all located onshore in our Raleigh, NC office. Drupal is an PHP-based, open-source content management framework. Designed with open online communities in mind, it simplifies the organization of a website’s users, content, and posts on an easy-to-govern platform.

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Benefits of a Drupal Website


As an open-source framework, Drupal has no licensing fees. This makes it friendly to any technology budget.

Shared Code Base

Because Drupal relies on a single codebase for all sites in a domain, each program or school can have its own subdomain and database while using the same code base for easier governance.

Diverse Functionality

Drupal 8 has a strong API that lets you build custom functionality and mobile-friendly themes to define the experience that best fits your users.

Secure by Design

Drupal sites are difficult to hack, helping to protect sensitive user data like faculty communications and academic records.


Drupal integrates PHP tools like Composer and Symphony to help modernize the DevOps process, simplifying deployment while controlling the code.

Built for Content

Drupal is highly flexible, offering many content creation and design templates for designated users. There are also many 3rd-party plug-ins available to help you get the most out of the platform.

Steady Release Schedule

Drupal takes its time between release cycles, so government agencies with set budgets and schedules have sufficient time to update their systems with new versions.

Government Drupal Web Development

Drupal helps government agency websites enable deep engagement for citizens alongside strong governance to protect sensitive information.

With the Drupal framework, you can achieve a good balance between publishing capabilities and governance features. State and municipal government websites can use Drupal to allow numerous stakeholders to produce content for their respective agencies while also maintaining a unified style and overall brand across every page. Learn more about the Drupal framework and why it is a great fit for government site design.

Partner With Our Drupal Web Development Company

When you begin developing a new Drupal site for your local or state government, we don’t want you to approach this challenge alone. Atlantic BT has led development of large-scale Drupal sites for NC.gov and the North Carolina Courts system, and our head Drupal developer authored a book on how to use Drupal for Higher Ed.

Our Drupal team is ready to support you in designing and developing the any aspect of a government web site. Whether you just want to ask a few questions or begin a new partnership for a Drupal site, contact us today.

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