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.NET Development Custom Web Applications in Raleigh

Our company offers onshore ASP.NET development for building website applications. It is a popular choice for our clients in the healthcare industry in addition to other corporate projects.

We use agile processes for .NET web development to build solutions that are scalable, secure, and dependable. Our custom web applications have brought clients success in a range of industries. Contact us to request a free quote, or continue to learn more about our .NET services below.

Agile .NET Development Company

What is .NET?

.NET is a versatile open-source framework that enables developers to write in multiple languages. It is popular due to its strong support programs, accessible libraries, and APIs. ASP.NET development is a .NET library specifically used for building web applications.

One example of a recent .NET project is WellQ. Atlantic BT developed this healthcare website using the latest standards with .NET Core and Angular. WellQ is designed to manage memberships for a healthcare service, handling member registrations, subscriptions, payments, and administration.

Why .NET?

Benefits of Working With Our .NET Company


Our secure practices include the use of role-based code security, cryptographic services, and Microsoft’s secure guidelines to support developers.


Because .NET uses Object-Oriented Programming, code is re-usable. Less coding means saving time and money, ultimately boosting your ROI for web development projects.

Smooth Deployment

Realize reduced conflicts and steady performance during .NET deployments with Atlantic BT.

Easy Integrations

Our .NET services offer many routes for integration, easily processing documents and writing any file format.

Simple Maintenance

Because source code executes on the server, web build .NET websites that are easy to maintain.


Our .NET development solutions allow for horizontal scalability within your organization.

Our Work

Examples of Our .Net Development Projects

NC Mutual Drug Custom .NET Development – Custom Design – AWS Cloud Services – Security: Planned and developed a secure platform for a billion-dollar drug co-op business.

American Board of Dermatologists Custom .NET Development – Platform Optimization: Security Integrated complex regulatory rules to create secure, easy-to-use content management system.

Baltimore Radio Custom .NET Development – Custom Admin: High Redundancy and Availability.

Training Industry Custom .NET Development – User Experience – Mobile Optimization: Created SEO-optimized content management system to drive more conversions.

Interested in learning more about our .NET work?

We’d love to talk strategy, share some of our .NET success stories, and provide references. Let’s get started.

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