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Where ideas turn to code and code turns to results.

Our website development company is entirely located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We do not outsource. We genuinely believe each project we come across is abstractly unique and should be tailor-made from the ground up.

At Atlantic BT, every web project is a well-mapped journey from start to finish that involves collaboration, open communication, and discipline in every step of the development process. Learn more about how we approach each and every client we partner with below.

Our Website Development Company

What To Expect



Developers comprise the largest functional team within Atlantic BT. In general, we follow the tenets of Agile software development, adapting different aspects of Scrum, Lean, and Kanban concepts as the situation requires. We prefer a hybrid-scrum approach to software development where best suited and revert to a waterfall approach when necessary.

The project team will determine whether a waterfall, agile, or hybrid approach is appropriate before starting development, after technical requirements and solution architecture are determined.



At ABT we write, build, and deploy software code and applications every day. We use Continuous Integration (CI) servers including Jenkins and TeamCity to automate the process. These CI tools also maintain build history and statistics for an auditable, reversible process monitor. CI status messages feed into Slack for real time team notification of build status to the team.



We know better than to assume best case – we always test to validate. We provide 20% of the development effort to QA as a matter of course. As a minimum baseline, we evaluate the platform using unit and functional testing.

We also perform automated and performance/load testing as appropriate for each project. With each release, regression testing is performed to assure that the site is functioning as it should after an update. The scope of security testing varies depending upon the project.



Deployments are a big deal – that’s when your project goes live! Therefore, we manage deployment carefully to proceed flawlessly. It’s a team effort with responsibilities, steps, and time-lines clearly delineated, for both ABT and client teams. Although we use tools that allow us to automate as much as possible, every step taken by those tools is monitored and verified by one of our team members. We deploy applications on a weekly basis and have gotten this laborious process down to a science.



Atlantic BT understands the hybrid cloud and how to optimize cloud architecture for maximum reliability and scalability, while maintaining tight security. We take an infrastructure-as-code approach, scripting all instance builds so they can be automated, and thus reliably replicated, in the production process.

The ability to reliably configure and stand up server instances is critical in that most complex projects require many servers of different configurations at different stages of the project, to accommodate development, testing, migration, and production needs.



We understand the importance of metrics and take the time to identify, set up, and monitor the parameters important to your application’s success. To this end, we maintain a fully staffed Network Operations Center (NOC) that monitors key performance parameters and alerts 24/7/365. The application software and the infrastructure it resides on have to work together seamlessly for optimum performance, thus we monitor both application and infrastructure health, including parameters identified by the developers, IT, and the client.


Website Development Expertise



Selecting the right, scalable hosting service is crucial to the future growth and stability of your business. This means weighing your resource and security requirements, as well as the budget range you have available.

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System Architecture

After gathering business requirements, we collaboratively select the best platform and design a hosting solution. We then implement a data migration strategy to seamlessly get you up and running in your new environment.

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Software Development

Have a brilliant application that requires a variety of highly technical skillsets and development experience? You dream it, we can build it. Learn more about our experience with custom software development.

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Cloud Services

For years, we’ve been an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller, and we recently became an AWS Public Sector Partner. We are ready to build a custom cloud solution.

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Drupal Development

Designed with open online communities and scalability in mind, Drupal simplifies the organization of a website’s users, content, and posts. Drupal is a popular choice for government projects.

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WordPress Development

WordPress is a popular choice for many businesses, including eCommerce stores. It comes with a built-in blog, mobile responsive templates, and plenty of plugins to simplify adding new features.

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Disaster Recovery

Hopefully, you aren’t in the midst of full-fledged web crisis. If so, call us now! We put out fires, restore order, and establish preventive measures. If time is not of the essence, learn how we manage disaster recovery for our clients and how we mitigate risk for the future.

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Salesforce & CRM Integration

Wiring up your existing (or new) Customer Relationship Management tool is more than just connecting A to B. It is critical for it to be strategically mapped out and integrated with the upmost precision to maintain data integrity and customer account accuracy.

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Your online business starts with a digital storefront that wows the visitor and removes all friction from online purchasing. Depending on scope and depth, we build on both Magento and Shopify platforms.

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.NET Development

.NET framework is a versatile open-source platform that enables developers to write and code in multiple languages. It is popular due to its strong support programs, accessible libraries, secure code, and APIs.

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