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User Experience

First impressions are everything

Users go through a series of funnels on your website before converting. It’s our job to determine the current paths users are taking to convert, what the ideal user journey looks like, and how we can optimize web functionality and aesthetics to gets results. User experience involves a thorough analysis of current behavior, determining business requirements, and using data to map the ideal experience.

User Experience Design in Raleigh

What is User Experience?

The user experience (UX) reflects the customer’s overall sentiment as they engage with your website and interact with your company.

User experience goes beyond the aesthetic appeal of your website and brand. The ideal user interface always makes them want to come back for more.

The Perfect User Experience

UX Strategy

Researching Your User Interface

Any data is useful data. To understand where to go, we have to know where you’ve been. What has worked? What has not? We’ll conduct stakeholder interviews, run user surveys, and take the deepest of dives into existing analytics. Your past is a gateway to a stronger future.

User Retention

After investing resources into the UX, what is your plan for retaining those users over time? The off-site UX is just as critical as the on-site.  We’ll build an intertwining strategy that includes email nurturing, strategic re-marketing, and even outbound collateral.

Map The On-Site User Experience

Literally. Whiteboard at the ready. Markers in hand. Coffee-infused brainstorming sessions to visualize every possible user journey. Their motivation, style, and decision making process will inform each twist and turn. We’ll utilize the smallest of details to create paths to higher engagement and conversion.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Again. And then again. Effective optimization all begins with data and a strong commitment to analytics. Our team looks past status quo vanity metrics. We want to understand your audience and what drives their conversions. Ultimately, we want to know what impacts your bottomline.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Complex Web Project

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