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Responsive Design
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Responsive Design

A Poor Mobile UX is Missed Opportunity for Revenue

Mobile responsive web design means providing a frictionless user experience on both a mobile device and desktop computer. This includes fast load times, easy to read content, and simple navigation with minimum resizing, scrolling, and panning.

Responsive Web Design in Raleigh

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

The average user benefits a great deal from mobile responsive design.  More consumers use their smartphones for internet access on a daily basis. Google has taken note. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, your site’s organic rankings will be penalized by search engines. Sad.

Mobile Web Statistics That Tell You All You Need To Know

By The Numbers

80% of internet users own a smartphone or tablet

3 hours, 23 minutes: the average time an American adult spends on a mobile device per day

72% of digital marketing ad spend in the US will be dedicated to mobile advertising by 2019

96% of mobile search traffic is driven by Google

51% of smartphone users grab their devices immediately after waking up

80% of time spent on social media is on a mobile device

61% of users are unlikely to return to a site after a bad mobile experience

40% of those unimpressed users will immediately visit a competitor’s website

We clearly live in a mobile-first world. Therefore, our internet experiences must be built around a mobile responsive web design.

Not sure if your website is truly mobile responsive? Use this test provided by Google to determine where you may fall short.

At Atlantic BT, we design, develop, and secure websites meant to thrive in and engage the mobile ecosystem.

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