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Customer Perception is Reality

Branding is the art of aligning what you want consumers to think about your company with how people actually feel about your company. There is a common misconception that a strong brand can be created out of thin air. It can be force fed to the public, and voilà – it’s universally accepted and cherished. No. Incorrect. Lies.

Branding Agency in Raleigh

What is Branding?

Our branding agency goes deeper.  Brand marketing and development is more than a logo or catchy slogan. Successful branding comes from unique storytelling that seamlessly coexists with a specific look and feel. It’s supported and energized by your company values and mission statement. Branding is subjective perception that consumers turn into their own objective reality. How do we help you accomplish that?

The science of shaping a brand

How We Do It

Brand Audit (What Are You?)

We gather user research on a local, national, and global level to fully understand how consumers perceive your brand. Ultimately, we need to get a sense of your marketing strategy and how it is shaping your brand’s image. Our comprehensive final report will lay out the reality your brand faces.

Market Research (What Should You Be?)

“Square peg, round hole.” This encompasses everything that can go wrong with branding. Brand development is a natural progression that can’t be forced. For that to occur, we must understand the market and industry you live in. What are consumer expectations? What are your competitors doing? How can you stand out?

Core Values & Mission (Who are you?)

This is a self diagnosis of who you are and what your company stands for morally, ethically, and philosophically. We collaborate with your key stakeholders to not just understand the heart of your vision, but to also help you exemplify it in every way.

Visual Appeal

Our veteran design team takes all of the information gathered about your company to create a visual brand that encompasses who you truly are. This includes logo and web design as well as any forward-facing collateral that a consumer can touch-see-feel.

Brand Messaging

A strong brand message shares your company values and mission with the outside world.  The language needs to be strategically thought out and aligned with the visual components of your brand.  This is where your online and offline personality comes to the surface, and the creative minds of our Atlantic BT branding team truly shine.

Brand Marketing

What good is a highly developed brand if it’s not given a chance to thrive in public? Our marketing team knows exactly how to get your brand out of the echo chambers of the digital world and into the real one. Whether it’s paid or organic initiatives, we know social media and search engine marketing inside and out.

The Atlantic BT Manifesto

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Complex Web Project

Ready to learn more about our branding approach?

We’re happy to walk you through our brand development process, share some success stories, and talk strategy.

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