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Custom Web Design Services

Creating a website that looks appealing is the easy part for our designers. However, blending beauty and functionality to serve your business goals is a complex process that we’ve perfected. Our Raleigh-based web design company has a team of artists who understand the value of your brand and how to capture it visually.

Our branding and web design expertise cover a variety of industries, including: eCommerce, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education websites. And don’t worry, we are experienced in working within corporate guidelines and industry regulations.

Contact us for a free estimate, or learn more about our unique approach to creating websites below.

Our Raleigh Web Design Company

Create a Website - The ABT Approach



This is where web design begins. At the discovery phase, we want to learn everything about your vision, website, and design needs. What are your pain points? Where do your users struggle? And ultimately, what are the goals and objectives for your website and business?

To achieve this, we conduct a thorough research initiative that leaves no stone unturned. Interviewing key stakeholders within your company, conducting user surveys, and combing through any existing website or business data that you’ll allow, is the tip of the iceberg.



“Design with purpose”. This philosophy is critical to everything we do. Purposeful design should navigate your web visitors to specific, predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Many websites are designed around a one-size-fits-all approach. What the what? The real audience of any website will be diverse and unique. They’ll navigate, consume content, and purchase items differently. What motivates each specific user and how can we optimize the site experience towards their personal needs?

The strategy phase will focus on designing an ideal user experience for any kind of audience accessing your website.



After completing the Design and Strategy sessions, we’re all ready to make some magic. You’ll see your visions and ideas come to life.



Drum roll…it’s show time. Almost. All designs go through an exhaustive approval process. If you don’t love it, we don’t love it.

Our dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team will look into every corner of your site. They will squash any and all bugs, as well as identify compatibility and overall site performance issues. Once QA gives the green light, it’s full speed ahead. This is it! The world will now see the new digital face of your company.



Your new website is live. We’re all done here, right? For some development companies, yes. For us, are you kidding?

At Atlantic BT, we’re invested in seeing your company get the results you’ve been working for. We stick by you, proud of the work we’ve accomplished together. We’ll continue to optimize our efforts to make sure we’re hitting those KPIs.

Raleigh NC Web Designers

Our Capabilities


User Experience

What makes a great user experience? One that is uniquely designed for your business or institution. See how our web design company does just that for your valued consumers.

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Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers work alongside clients to bring creative, elegant collateral to life. They design artwork in every medium that showcases your brand in the best light.

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Information Architecture

You’ve invested time and resources into your content, but how useful is it if it can’t be found? How your content is organized within your site is critical to its accessibility. We can make sense of the chaos. After taking inventory, we structure and analyze your information and content for navigational ease.

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Responsive Design

Mobile vs Desktop. A battle that has swung favorably towards mobile, with over 50% of website traffic now coming from smartphones. When creating a website, we focus on mobile responsiveness because we know it’s a necessary step to keep ahead of the competition and stay current.

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Your brand is your identity. It’s the consumer’s perception of your company. You either have control of it or you don’t. Our team creates, secures, and seamlessly helps you take control of your brand. We help capture the heart of your vision, and communicate the values that truly matter to your company.

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Digital Marketing

From SEO, to paid campaigns, and everything in between, our veteran team of Raleigh marketers has handled it all. You can trust them to take your brand to the open market and get results. Communicating your message clearly, is our priority. Our services provide the microphone you need to be heard.

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