As the pace of business accelerates in the cloud, your systems integrate applications and databases both inside and outside your firewall. This makes your data blind spots more dangerous than ever—both for your internal data and how customers and clients handle their vital information outside your cloud systems.

To protect your business, Atlantic BT delivers a balanced approach to security—combining compliance, responsiveness, and engineering without sacrificing usability and agility.

Key Security Principles

Our End-to-End Approach to Cybersecurity

Risk Assessment.

We evaluate your digital infrastructure to find and resolve vulnerabilities in your network, databases, applications, memory, and infrastructure.

Data Security.

We map the flow of data across your application environment, library framework, source code, and storage to pinpoint risks before they turn into attacks.

Secure Hosting.

We create elastic, cloud-based environments that can protect your systems and storage from attacks and other service disruptions.

Application Security.

We practice “secure by design” discipline in our software development. This protects your custom applications by automating code review and testing at every step.

Integrated Tools.

We architect security solutions that integrate siloed tools and scanning software to give you a lean and flexible system without sprawl or waste.

Monitoring and Contingency Plans.

We monitor your systems, applications, and digital interactions for threats and provide backups to quickly restore service if a breach occurs.

Our Security Experts

Ulf Mattsson

Ulf Mattsson

CTO of Security Solutions

The inventor of 45+ patents in encryption, internal threat protection, data usage control, and intrusion prevention, Ulf is an security expert with more than 100 published articles and conference presentations to his name.

Reid Eastburn

Reid Eastburn

VP of Security Solutions

An expert in IT compliance and security governance, Reid has more than 20 years of experience in security. He’s especially good at resolving critical control issues and aligning security best practices with C-level perspectives.

Michael Livingston

Michael Livingston

VP of Business Development, Security Solutions

Michael brings more than 20 years of security experience to ABT. He focuses on the operational management and cost-benefit analysis aspects of cybersecurity.

Mutual Drug

A National Drug Supplier

Atlantic BT Secures Critical Business App for Mutual Drug


Common Security Vulnerabilities:


Do you know your critical business applications are safe? It’s important to keep your essential applications up-to-date to avoid giving hackers a costly opening. At the same time, be sure all user-facing endpoints have the right security measures in place.


Can your online store handle a sophisticated cyberattack? Keeping your PCI security standards up to date is a good starting place, but you also should add multiple layers of security for any customer-facing endpoint.


Is your cloud secure? As you take advantage of the increased connectivity and shared resources of virtual environments, you need to be sure that your data is safe.

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