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Leverage the Cloud for key operational capabilities.

At its core, cloud services remain infrastructure services. Most core operational processes remain, though related tasks and activities may be done differently than before and require different skill sets. To effectively manage the cloud, you must identify high-priority operational activities and the roles, tools, and skills required to support those activities. Then, decide if making changes to the operations team or outsourcing cloud management can help you deliver key operational capabilities.

“I know we could benefit from cloud services, but we don’t have the expertise to manage it effectively.”
“I don’t know if I’m getting the best deal or managing my cloud costs effectively.”
“I’m not comfortable with my data in the cloud; how do I ensure my data is secure?”
...just to name a few, of course.

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Questions & Answers

Are there differences in application architecture that are important for the cloud?
It is important to build applications and workloads specifically for the cloud. You will want to carefully consider what services the cloud provider of your choice has to offer and how your application leverages those services.
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Are there any drawbacks to cloud hosting?
Yes, there will always be some risks associated with any hosting option. You are relying on the resiliency and engineering of infrastructure that has scaled at an astounding rate.
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What’s the benefit of hosting in the cloud vs. traditional options?
Reasons not to host in the cloud are few and far between. If you don't host in the cloud, you will spend more in both CapEx and OpEx to manage your applications or websites in a traditional environment.
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How can I improve the performance of my application?
There are several primary reasons that applications perform poorly, and in some cases it’s a combination of several. 1) Data latency: If your application is making calls to a data source (whether it’s an API or a direct call) and there is latency at the data provider, your application performance will suffer.
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Should I move my application to the cloud?
The answer is ‘probably yes’. There aren’t many reasons for an application to be hosted elsewhere, aside from occasional compliance standards, or requirements to integrate with local services that would require large amounts of data to move from on-premise to cloud.
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Where should my application be hosted?
There are many different options for hosting, but most applications would do well with one of the cloud providers -- Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure.
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How we can help

Cloud applications won't manage themselves.


Planning involves documenting services to be managed and metrics these services are to be measured against.


You will need definitions of DevOps processes, including CD/CI and version control of coded infrastructure.

Architecting Solutions

We architect solutions to meet defined operational needs, including factors such as features, scaling, redundancies, backups, and disaster recovery procedures.

Log Monitoring

Set up logging and alerts, then monitor services against metrics to ensure established SLAs are being met.

Cloud Security

Ensure robust security, from the basics such as role and key management, to more specific methods as needed. Security includes continuous monitoring and periodic audits.

Cost Management

Monitor and optimize costs to boost cloud efficiency.

We knew we would have to make this move into a secure cloud. When we hit that milestone, we were very pleased with the knowledge, expertise, and partnership that ABT brought to the table around Amazon Web Services.

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